How To Find How Many Employees a Company Has

Unless a company will openly divulge the number of its employees, no one will really know the exact figure. Now if your work has something to do with profiling companies, you have a lot of researching to do in order to determine how many employees a company has. This should not be a big problem if you are dealing with small companies, but when you have big ones such as multinational corporations, you can just imagine the burdensome work ahead.

Here are suggestions on how to find how many employees a company has.

  1. Make a general assessment of the company first. Do a research on the Internet. Almost all business establishments nowadays have websites and you can use these sites as sources of information. If you are lucky, the company website may have the information you are looking for, right in the “Staff” or “Human Resources” pages.
  2. If you are dealing with a multinational company, go to the main website. Go over the list of branches and franchise holders, usually found in a separate page. Read the profile of each branch. Multinational companies are not stingy with information so chances are – you will know the number of employees right from the site.
  3. Ask the company to provide you with a copy of their annual report. Make your request with the Human Resource Department. But be warned – there are companies who keep all records as confidential. In this case, tell the HRD that you only need the figures (number of employees), not the details of the report.
  4. Click the “About Us” section of the company website for probable lead to the information you are seeking. If a company has several offices or branches, you just have to add up the number from each branch to get the total number of employees.
  5. Make a rough estimate. If the company is just within your area, you can make personal observations. Talk to a reliable employee and ask him to count the number of “punch-in” cards on the employee’s daily time record rack. So as not to look surreptitious, talk to the employee in an open manner. Do not act like you are hiding something or you have dark plans in your mind. Be courteous, friendly and polite. Explain why you need the figure. And give assurance that you will not meddle with confidential records.
  6. Talk directly to the hiring manager. Again, make sure you introduce yourself to the manager when asking for an interview. You may email a request, or go personally to the company location. Doing a face-to-face interview is more preferred so you can establish a rapport of trust and confidence with the manager.
  7. If you happen to know someone from the company, seek his assistance. However make sure there are no restrictions on the part of the employee. Ask him, but do not force him to give the information if he insists he has no liberty or right to give the figures. For all you know, he might end up in hot water if the company finds out he violated company rules.

When requesting for the answer to your quest, make sure you explain fully your objective in obtaining the information from the company. And remember, you can never force them to give you the figures if it is against their company policy. In this case, do not insist. Find another means of getting the data you need.


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