How To Find Indian Law Books for Business

Law books can be really important to even non-lawyers, because at the end of the day, the law is still the defining and ruling concept in societies. The law is different in different countries, so it is important to be aware of the various nuances that each nation takes when it comes to legislation and other pieces of regulation. Knowledge of these concepts would enable someone to be better equipped when dealing with social events, as well as being more aware of the business practices and conventions that are deemed legal in an area.

Business is a very important part of Indian life. With booming cities like Mumbai, Chenai and Kolkata, it’s hard to deny that the financial markets of the world really do rely on these city centers to deliver, particularly for businesses that rely on outsourced processes. This is why law books in India are not just for Indian law students and lawyers – they be on every businessman’s reading list as well.

Just like any developed country, India has a lot of bookstores. While there are bookstore branches that are devoted solely to the distribution of titles related to the topic of law, legal references are usually among the sections in a bookstore. These stores should be quite easy to find in major cities and even some of the bigger towns. The biggest stores are usually listed on the Internet, so it would be fairly easy to locate and find them. If you’re not in India, it should be easy to ask colleagues or contacts in India to ship you a copy. Just be ready to pay for shipping.

Legal books are also found in specialty bookstores next to law schools. Most law schools are in major cities so again, it should be a breeze finding one. The biggest law schools in India are located in the capital New Delhi as well as Kolkata and Mumbai.

Libraries could also be a good source of law information. The much older tomes could be borrowed and skimmed through public and private libraries all over the country. This system is pretty much the same one that they use at Harvard Law.

And yes, Indian Law English books are also for sale online. Any major retailer like Amazon of Barnes and Noble carry titles of various law book authors. This should be the most convenient option for someone who has neither plans nor means to travel to India just to get a book. Just make sure that you get the title right and as always, set aside extra funds for the shipping of the book to your doorstep.

With globalization making our world ever smaller, many businesses will find the need to deal with companies from across international borders. With Indian companies offering good quality, inexpensive services, any business would be better of knowing the legal framework and background of their Indian counterparts. Having access to books and resources on Indian Law would be one step towards this goal.


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