How To Find Investors for Movies

For every movie writer, one of the most important requirements in making a film reach the cinemas is an investor or investors to fund the money. Funding is important in all aspects of film-making, from the salary of the cast and crew, to the rental of clothes and venue, to the editing and adding special effects to the film, up to advertising the finished movie.

In order to find the investor you need for your movies, here are some important steps you can do.

Build your plan. Make your movie a solid investment. Getting investors for a movie is pretty much like getting investors for a start-up business. You need to be able to sell it. Put everything in order, starting with the main idea or plot of the story. Include the genre of your film, your target budget, and an estimate of the number of crew required for your movie. Practice your sales pitch, such as your inspiration for your story, and why you decided that the movie is worth producing.

Identify possible investors. There are a lot of possible investors out there. You have families and friends as potential candidates. Identify which of them are most interested in your choice of genre. There is a great possibility that those who love and are easily excited by the type of movie you want to make will be interested in investing for your movie.

Call or e-mail. Spend some time in calling your potential leads. Remember to keep your voice excited to convey that what you’re offering is an interesting investment. In addition, prepare an e-mail template that you can also send. It should contain an interesting plot of the movie and some teasers to make them reply and ask more about it.

Schedule a meeting. Schedule a meeting with those who expressed interest in your movie. Provide them a copy of the script and tell them more details about the movie. This is the best time to present your prepared business plan so they’ll know what and who to expect in the movie. Likewise, give them the rate of return on their investment, and what they can expect from investing.

At the onset, decide if you’ll allow your investors to have any control over the production of the film –that is, if they can post changes to the script, or control who will be in the cast and crew. Though it is not good to antagonize potential investors by alienating their input, you have to decide how far you can maintain the originality of the screenplay. If they start asking the possibility of adding this and that, be prepared to politely defend your choice not to allow it. Likewise, don’t forget to recognize a good suggestion when you hear one.

Ask for referrals. There will be some cases where people are interested but they don’t have the necessary finances to support it. In this case, try to ask them if they know people who may also be interested to invest. Chances are, their enthusiasm may help refer you to someone who has the financial stability to invest.

Like any other business, finding investors for a movie may be hard and tricky. It also entails hard work and a dedication to succeed in your endeavors. But given time and the right people, you’re sure to get your movie out in the cinemas in no time.


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