How To Find Living Will Form Information for Your State

Someone once said that the only things in life which are certain are death, change and taxes.  For this reason, people prepare for the security of their loved ones in cases of untimely death. You, like most people have a keen interest in learning how to find living will form information for your state. To find the proper form and related information for your state, here are some tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with what a living will is. A living will is a legal document through which a person declares his wishes ahead of time, with respect to medical treatments that can prolong his live. Also known as a health care directive, advance directive or physician’s directive, it states what kind of treatments you prefer and do not like administered upon you when you are in coma or suffering from terminal illness. The living will is not like a living trust which distributes a person’s assets without the benefit of probate. The living will only takes effect when you become incapacitated.
  2. Find a practicing lawyer within your state. Make sure that he has the licence to practice law in your state.  He is the best resource person for sample wills, simple will, simple form, will witness, and property forms. If you are seriously planning to execute a living will on your own, ask for the assistance of a lawyer before you do so. If you are not a lawyer yourself, nor knowledgeable in the law, it is best that you get help from a professional.  The last thing you want is to execute a living will only to have it later revoked for not substantially complying with the proper form and substantive law.  For instance, some states recognize legitimes while others do not and your will can be revoked by the court if it goes against the state law on legitimes. If you cannot afford the services of a lawyer, why not look for lawyers who can provide free legal services in your area? They will be more than happy to accommodate you.
  3. Read law books on the subject matter. Ask a lawyer or a friend who is taking the bar for advice on what book to read up on. Buy the book, borrow it from a friend or your local library.  Law books are the next best thing to lawyers.
  4. Find living will forms online.  Some online services offer them for free; others for a fee.  There are websites that allow you to download the legal forms for your state for a fee.  These are generally more reliable than the ones that offer them for free. A caveat when you are using free living will forms: websites which offer them usually do not give you an assurance that these forms are current or that the information you find in the website are accurate and up-to-date, unlike websites that offer them for a fee. Most of these websites giving out free online forms merely dispense information for general information purposes. Check out websites like and  Refine your search to the state of your interest.

How to find living will form information for your state is a relatively easy task. Such information will certainly come in handy when you do decide to execute a living will and to help you understand the legal ramifications of executing one.


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