How To Find Local Limo Services

Special occasions call for special modes of transportation. In your life, you would probably need a limousine for several special events, such as the school prom, your wedding day, for attending a special party or other red-carpet event, or even a funeral. Limousine services cater to events where it’s important to travel in style.

Here are some places where you can find local limo services.

  • Wedding coordinators. Wedding related services are the lifeblood of wedding coordinators. These event organizers have various transportation companies in their address books. One limousine service simply will not do, because couples have their own preferences. Some couples might want traditional black limousines. Some might want exotic European marques. Some couples prefer horse-drawn carriages. For simple limousine services, though, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral. Even if you will not be acquiring their services, a wedding coordinator would be glad to help you. Most probably they will get a commission for their referral, or perhaps you can get a discount.
  • Funeral homes. Aside from weddings, funerals are one other event where chauffeured limousines take guests from one place to another. You can check with a local funeral parlor if they can refer you to a limousine service. Some funeral homes even have several chauffeured limousines themselves, which you might be able to hire if they aren’t currently booked.
  • Hotels and inns. The hospitality business is known to offer various services related to travel and accommodations. At the very least, these would have chauffeured cars that can take guests to and from the airport or meetings at other destinations for a nominal fee. Hotels usually have luxury cars from various marques, and also stretch limousines for VIP guests. You might be able to hire these even if you are not a guest.
  • Automotive clubs and specialized limos. Limousines don’t only come in the stretch variety. There are known novelty limousines, such as Hummers stretched and fitted with luxury amenities, or Volkswagen Beetles stretched and likewise made more comfortable. Some limousine companies even have fire engine limos. Some hobbyists and auto clubs modify various cars for different purposes. If you want to arrive at your party in a unique limousine, you might want to check these out.
  • Car rentals. Limousines don’t necessarily have to a stretch Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln Continental or Cadillac. Some car rental chains offer chauffeur-driven American and European luxury sedans or SUVs, which you can hire. These may not be as ostentatious as a stretch limousine, but definitely still a practical choice for getting from place to place safely and conveniently.

If all else fails, you can try the local yellow pages directory. A quick search on Google Maps for “limousine company” and the name of your town or your ZIP code can also get you results. You will get limo company listings with telephone numbers and even points on the map where their office or garage is physically located. Other good sources of local listings are Craigslist and online services like Limo Finder  and

Limousines are both useful and stylish. They can get you from point A to point B (and places in between), and more importantly, get you there in style.


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