How To Find Major Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

If you are working in a laboratory, chances are you will be needing a long laundry list of equipment to get the job done. Most laboratories just rely on one supplier. Often, these laboratories want everything they need to be provided to them by a single manufacturer to avoid confusion and maximize efficiency. This makes it really convenient for them to take note of the scientific equipment that these suppliers have. It is also easier for them to check the laboratory supply if everything comes from one supplier.

Aside from laboratory tools, major laboratory equipment suppliers also supply laboratory furniture and hospital equipment. Checking magazines will give you an idea of which suppliers and manufacturers are the best and in-demand. Often, the best manufacturers of laboratory equipment are those in the business of providing scientific equipment to laboratories for a long time.

  1. Thomas Scientific.  Nowadays, major laboratory equipment suppliers like Thomas Scientific makes it a point to have scientific equipment for HIV/AIDS programs. The type and range of equipment, consumables, and reagents needed for such programs are quite extensive but expensive as well. Not a lot of manufacturers are willing to invest in such a procedure. If you do choose a major laboratory equipment supplier, go to this company site.
  2.  Once you’ve decided what scientific equipment you will use, you can go to this site for a listing of suppliers. Check which suppliers have the equipment that you need. It is recommended to ask them how long it will take for them to ship these products to you. The faster the shipping of the products is, the better it is for you. In case the specific instrument equipment that you need is unavailable, just ask them if they can name any substitute for that particular item.
  3. Utech Products, Inc.  When you’re going through scientific equipment, you need to check local service capability. This site offers different catalogs where you can compare the prices of the products that are being offered to you. You can use these catalogs to compare the suppliers from one another. Note that even appliance stores sell the scientific equipment but these may be more expensive than the ones from the major laboratory equipment suppliers.

Some suppliers require you to prepare a specific proposal so they can go through the list and verify if they have what you need. If you are ordering in bulk, they might be willing to give you a discount on the particular laboratory supply that you are asking for. They may also throw in a couple of laboratory furniture or hospital equipment as a bonus. Whatever they suggest, you can take into consideration but the final say is still yours.

You can contact local stores and compare the prices of the laboratory supply that you are eyeing. You can also compare these by going to their sites or browsing through the different catalogs so you have can have an idea of their average pricing. Once you’ve decided to get the scientific equipment that you need from a major laboratory equipment supplier, give them a call.


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