How To Find Moving and Shipping Overseas Services

Planning on moving overseas? This would definitely entail a lot of preparation and attention to details. Questions to ask include where you'd live, where you'd work (unless you were being relocated by your company for an expatriate assignment), what you'd need to do to adjust to the lifestyle and culture in that place, and many more. Yet another of your concerns will be how to transport the belongings that you want to take with you to your new home abroad.

Thank goodness for reliable cargo shipping and global shipping companies, who would take care of the nitty-gritty of cargo transportation for you. What should you expect from these companies? Moving and shipping companies should take care of the pickup of the items and its delivery to your new overseas address; securing customs clearance for your items; producing import and export documentation; packing and casing of the items and expertly loading them in their shipping container; housing your items in a storage facility (if you would prefer to pick them up from there instead of having your things delivered right to your door); expert handling of sensitive material; transportation of big, heavy objects such as boats, automobiles or motorcycles; and placing the items into their proper rooms at the international destination.

Do know that some moving and shipping overseas services would require you to pack your own items; read up on guidelines about how to properly pack materials, specially breakable and irregularly-shaped items.

With that being said, how could you find moving and shipping overseas services? Here are some places that you could check out:

  1. Overseas Shipping. This is a highly navigable website that specializes on shipping large cargo, including automotive and vehicle cargo. Click on their "Get A Rate" button to get a free shipping quote. You just have to provide information such as your email and place of origin, the destination for the items and your required container size (illustrations and specifications of available container sizes are provided).
  2. Shipping Overseas Specialist, Inc. provides a lot of information regarding whatever it is you need to know about overseas shipping. Its online shipping costs estimate form is highly detailed, as it would have you check the particular furniture that you are planning to have transported. This may be a little tiresome for some people, but then again their checklist could also help you organize your materials for packing. This company is certified by the Better Business Bureau.
  3. is also another highly informative website which offers a lot of useful articles that deal with moving and packing your belongings. It also gives tips on how to adjust to the culture, customs and language of the country you're moving to. To get free estimates on your shipping costs, fill out their online form inquiring about your country of origin, country of destination, and the estimated weight of all the items you are planning to have transported.

There you go! These are just three of the moving and shipping overseas services that you could choose from. With the professional care that your chosen shipping company will observe towards your belongings, the shipping of these items is one less thing to worry about! Good luck on your new life abroad!


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