How To Find Office Furniture Bargains

If you're starting up a new company, or even if you need to furnish a home office, your office furniture doesn't need to cost you thousands. Here are some easy ways to help you find office furniture bargains.

Step 1

Attend an auction. The first thing you need to realize when you set out to find office furniture bargains is that you're going to have to look in non-traditional places. An auction is a great place to find both new and used furniture at a fraction of the original cost. Check listings in your local area for auctions near you. Some auction houses specialize in office furniture, selling off large quantities of desks, filing cabinets and the like when companies go out of business or upgrade to newer designs. It's definitely worth an evening at the auction if you can save a bundle on office furniture.

Step 2

Watch for company closeouts. If you can't find office furniture at an auction, you may need to go directly to the source. Look for office furniture bargains from offices themselves. That is, keep an eye open for businesses that are closing down and need to liquidate their furniture. If you've got cash in hand, they're usually pretty willing to bargain with you. Look for ads in newspapers and also contact businesses that are closing down to inquire about the possibility of taking some of their office furniture off their hands (at a bargain price!).

Step 3

Check with an office furniture store.  You've probably looked at an office furniture store for office furniture, but no doubt you quickly realized that this stuff is expensive! Before you run out of the store clutching your wallet safely, consider asking about scratch and dent sales, used furniture that comes in on trade-ins, or perhaps a hidden stash of desks and shelving for your office that isn't displayed on the sales floor. Some (not all) office furniture stores do accept used furniture. If you aren't too worried about unpacking and assembling a brand-new piece for your office, then you'll definitely be able to find something used at an office furniture store or used office supply depot.

Step 4

Look in the classifieds. Depending on the amount of office furniture that you need, you may be able to find office furniture bargains in your local newspaper or on the internet classifieds. Look under the ‘For Sale' section for new and used office furniture listed for sale. As there won't likely be a picture with these types of advertisements, make sure that you take the time to view the office furniture first so that you can be sure you're getting a bargain.

Step 5

Get creative. Whoever said you needed to have traditional furniture in your office? If you are open to being a bit creative with your office furnishings, you can definitely save some money. Consider using an old table for a desk. These are plentiful at second-hand stores and garage sales. Or how about throwing a slip cover over your old couch and putting it in your office, rather than dumping it at the curb? Find inexpensive ways to use non-traditional furniture in your office, and you should be able to find a bargain on unique office furniture.


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