How To Find Out If a Business Program Is Accredited

To kick off your career, you need to choose your business school wisely. Business schools offer a wide range of management programs and you need to be enrolled in an accredited business program. An accredited school will spell the difference for you in the future as it can help you earn a better living. But why else is accreditation important? First, an accredited school is a reputable school. You can be sure that it's following the guidelines when it comes to the curriculum and teaching techniques. It also means that you're getting the best education. The name alone can speak for itself. Aside from that, you can enroll there to get financial funding. The US government only grants financial aid to students in accredited schools. This is very important today especially considering the high cost of tuition fees and other school expenses. Graduating from an accredited business university also gives you an edge when it comes to finding a job. The job market is getting really competitive out there so better come prepared. Graduating from an accredited business school can also give you benefits at work. Bosses usually prefer employees who came from an accredited school because of the quality of training. This can give you better chances of landing a promotion and getting higher pay. How do you know if a business program is accredited? We will help you determine if your business education is accredited or not.

Accrediting agencies like AACSB and ACBSP are organizations given the mandate to check on business schools nationwide. The government does not fund them though. They are private educational institutions that develop a set of criteria when it comes to evaluating business universities. The school has passed accreditation if it has passed their criteria. The accrediting agencies are both regional and national. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is a national organization, which sets the highest standard of excellence for business management in the US. This body is responsible for giving out evaluations to undergraduate and graduate business administration and accounting degree programs. Only 25% of the business schools have been accredited so far. On the other hand, the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) are responsible for the smaller business schools. It gives importance to the business university's quality and its constant drive for improvement. The Council on Higher Education Accreditation controls these and 58 other accrediting organizations. Their websites are constantly updated and everything is listed there.

To check if your school has been evaluated by this accrediting agency, you can browse for it online. Simply pull up a browser and type keywords like "accredited business schools." For specific searches, you can type this helpful URL This contains a full list of accredited business schools. The Office of Post-secondary Education which is under the Department of Education also has a website of accredited schools. You can send them an email at for more details. They also have a toll-free hotline, which is 1-888-247-8269.


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