How To Find Out if Someone Is a Convicted Felon

Whether you are hiring someone for a job or you want to get to know the guy your daughter is dating, it is imperative to get a criminal background check on them. Here are the ways to find out if someone is a convicted felon.

  1. Find out as much as you can about the person beforehand. Get the correct spelling of the person’s name, birth date and Social Security number. The history where he has lived is also vital. Ask anyone who knows him or her better through friends or friends of friends.
  2. It is also important that you know someone who knows the person you are conducting a background check for. Neighbors and friends of that particular person will be a lot of help in obtaining additional information you will need in the future. The questions you need to ask them should not be in an interrogative manner as it might frighten them and will just give you inaccurate answers.
  3. One easy way to check the person’s background through online databases like, and Intelius. You can search other websites like these on Google. These websites contain a huge database to help you find anything about a person. Information like criminal records, wedding records and a person’s legal background are just a click away. You can also search for any information about the person by typing his name on the search bar.
  4. Go into PACER, an online federal court docket system. It is offered in US District courts. Not all state courts have this, so to some states you have to file a request and wait for a few days for the result.
  5. Visit your state government criminal justice division website or your state FBI website too.
  6. The sites on the Internet are not always free for background checks. Some charge a one time fee of about $15 to $20 for unlimited criminal checks depending on the meticulousness of the search.
  7. Checking a person’s social site on Facebook, Twitter, Multiply or MySpace will also help you in getting to know the person’s social circle. Does he go to school with your child? Who are his friends in your neighborhood?
  8. Log in to to find out if there is a felon in your neighborhood. Just type in your address and a map will pop out with dots showing the pictures of the people and their offenses committed within your area.

There are many grounds why a person needs to be checked and known through his available records. It can be for an employment, plans for migration, or even for a date with someone you just recently know.

With the use of the Internet, it is much easier to do a background check of a person. You no longer have to hire an investigator for it. Trust your instincts and be more observant of the people around your child or when hiring for household help. Have access for resources that can help. Ignorance excuses no one. Do whatever you can to make sure that your family, and even your neighborhood, is safe.


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