How To Find Out who Owns a Building

Some buildings are not managed by the owners themselves but by property managers. You can check who actually owns a building through several steps. These properties are assessed by the city tax office and will show who the real owners of the property are. Searching for the building owner may require some legwork and some monetary expenses. Take a look.

  1. Make a call to the city hall, town hall or county hall where the building is located. As these properties are taxable, ask to be connected to the tax assessors’ office. You can then inquire about the information you want to know, or ask if you can see a deed for the property, if it had changed hands. You may have to lodge a request to the county office and pay the fee they will impose to pull out the deed and provide you with a copy.
  2. If you are checking the ownership of your apartment building, check your lease contract. The name of the property owner will be listed there. If this is not indicated, the property manager should be able to tell you who the owners are. Otherwise you can call the city tax assessors’ office and see if you can get the information by phone. If that is not possible, you have to go visit their office and look up the information on your own.
  3. You can also contact the leasing or collecting agent for the information. They should be able to tell you who the building owner is. Your county’s registry of deeds is also another office where you check the ownership of a building. Real estate transactions are public records that you can view once a proper request has been made.
  4. If the building is quite old, ask some of the residents in your community for information. They may know the actual owners of the building or even its history. Senior residents who have been living in the community for ages are witnesses to the development of the neighborhood and are good sources of information.
  5. Another way to find the right information is to ask the tenants and residents of a building. They may be able to provide you the answer if they have been there for a number of years. You can also try to find out the information by cross checking the address and phone numbers to where and whom it is listed under. If this is not the property manager’s, chances are the address and contact numbers belong to the building owner.
  6. Log on to a city website and locate the Property Tax Inquiry link on their finance section. You can do your search there by providing the exact address of the building.

It may take some legwork, patience and some sleuthing skills to find out who is the owner of a building that you are leasing, staying in or interested in for some reason or another. Sometimes you can find the information just by chatting up the right people or using a methodical approach to finding the right information.


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