How To Find Ozone Generator Rentals

With the increase of all kinds of pollution around us, it has become a health necessity to find ways and means to clean and purify the air we breathe and the water surrounding us. Utilizing an ozone generator for our homes and offices has become a popular tool in ensuring our habitat is fresh and pollution-free.

Ozone generators inject high concentrations of ozone in a specific confined space to kill bacteria, molds, and odor while rejuvenating oxygen. However, it is vital to know that high ozone concentration is unsafe for humans to breathe. It can cause damage to our respiratory system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when you use an ozone generator in an enclosed area, make sure to vacate the area until the process is finished. You should take out pets, plants, and other valuable items from the area as well.

An ozone air purifier or generator can vary in costs dependent on the brand and the size of the area it can cover. There are direct ozone generators that are good for certain enclosed areas and there are indirect ozone generators that can be integrated with an area’s air ventilation system or oxygen generator. Regardless of the type, purchasing these units can be very expensive and since you should only use these generators in short bursts when areas are vacated and the air is problematic, it is cost-effective to rent or lease instead.

Ozone generators are portable and lightweight so it is typically easy to rent or lease these machines. Rental prices range from $150-$300 per week. These rates usually include delivery to the desired location. There are many companies that offer rentals of these machines. Doing a quick search on the Internet for ozone generator rentals is an easy way to compare prices and models. You can also scour your locality for stores that offer these services.

Here are some tips when choosing an ozone generator to rent.

  1. Most ozone generators have built-in timers. It is wise to choose machines with timers so as to schedule when it should run and when it should be set to its lowest settings or turned off.
  2. Airborne bacteria and molds are difficult to kill. A good rule of thumb is renting an ozone generator with a specification of at least 1,000 mg/hr to be safe.
  3. Make sure to do pricing comparisons and check out user reviews of different brands and models to ensure you rent the most effective generator.
  4. If you feel you are ill-equipped to make the decision, you can consult various air-purification advisors by joining relevant online forums and blogs. These people can help you out by recommending the brand and model for you that fits your requirement and budget.
  5. If you want to apply ozone purification techniques on your swimming pool or Jacuzzi, ozone water generators are the machines you need. These are, typically, much more expensive than ozone air-purifiers.

Natural fresh and clean air may be scarce nowadays, but there are ways to convert any polluted environment into a health-friendly one. Ozone generation is an effective way to achieve this. Renting an ozone generator will ensure the health and general well-being of your loved ones and friends.


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