How To Find Pediatric Practice Supplies

Providing care for children from infancy to adolescence is the main task of a pediatrician. And dealing with these children of various ages requires a lot of equipment and supplies. It will be of great help if your clinic or practice office has a good stock of pediatric supplies that you regularly need. Here are some tips on how to find pediatric supplies.

  1. Allegro carries a host of pediatric supplies ranging from toys to food to pediatric office equipment as well as baby accessories for the home.
  2. Med-Plus Medical Supplies carry a variety of pediatric room supplies and child-themed accessories, as well as Pedia Pals kits in animal designs.
  3. You can also go directly to the Pedia Pals website to view the Pedia Pals environment packs that include room decal kits, examination tables with hand-painted animal stand, and ClinicKits which include a complete set of professional pediatric instruments and accessories that are very child friendly. A kit includes a Benjamin Bear blood pressure kit for an infant and a child, animal-themed stethoscope cover, diagnostic and operating otoscope attachments and disposable tips, and opthalmoscope attachment.
  4. Quick Medical has a variety of supplies and medical equipment for a pediatrician’s clinic. The products are kid-friendly and child-themed that will help lessen if not eliminate the stress a child undergoes when visiting a pediatrician. There are child-themed cabinets, weighing scales, room signs, examination tables as well as stethoscope covers.
  5. For waiting room toys, which are very essential when dealing with stressed kids, you can check out the website. They have a variety of education toys in bright colors and colorful designs that will surely take away the anxiety a child feels while waiting for his or her turn to be seen by the doctor. The site offers the option to shop for toys by price and offers free ground shipping through UPS. They also carry a line of child-friendly and child-themed waiting room furniture.
  6. The Medical Supplies and Equipment Company carry a list of pediatric office medical equipment in different themes. You can choose from an Alley Cats and Dogs theme, Cool Pals theme, Ocean Commotion theme, Dino Days theme, Rainforest Follies theme or a Space Place theme. A themed set is comprised of a cabinet set with drawers, a digital scale table, a chrome base stool, and a pediatric examination table.
  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) sister website provides a directory of pediatrics medical furniture, office equipment and supplies, storage and shelving solutions and waiting room toys and furniture that can be used by their members. The directory or the Pediatric Buyer’s Guide include the name of the suppliers, their address and phone numbers only. The listing is not endorsed by the AAP but is provided as a tool for members to easily locate professional suppliers.
  8. Universal Medical has an online catalog of pediatric immobilizers, pediatric positioners, calibrated pediatric scales, pediatric transfer and stretcher boards, examination tables, cabinets including examination gowns and disposable table coverings.

If you are already running a pediatric clinic chances are you will be visited by medical representatives hoping that you will buy your supplies from them. They may offer you better prices, although it will not hurt you to check prices from other suppliers. Ordering disposable supplies in bulk will give you some savings. Make sure that the products you will get are from reliable suppliers and guaranteed to be child-safe.


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