How To Find People to Join Your MLM Business

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It can prove difficult to find people to join an MLM business. The horrors of the pyramid marketing scams are still fresh on a lot of people’s minds, and the stigma that has been attached to this type of marketing is not yet erased. The difference between an MLM business and pyramid marketing is that the former is a legal business scheme. Despite the fact that you may have a hard time finding people to join your MLM business, it can still be done with the right approach and plan. Here are some ideas worth looking into.

  1. Set up a website for your MLM business. In this day and age you can recruit people online and offline. You may have more success with online recruitment as more and more people are using the web to find multiple income generating jobs that they can do without reporting to a regular office.
  2. Present the products that you are selling in the best way possible. Include very good pictures and product description, product benefits and features. You should also include your pricing scheme. Set up a page or two for those who will be interested to join by providing an online form or one in downloadable format. Make it easy for them to join as well as get in touch with you. Provide a seller’s incentive program and show them the ways they can increase their sales as well as the benefits they can get from joining your MLM business. You may also want to look into providing a contract between you and those that will be interested in joining you. Consult with an attorney on the legal aspects of this type of marketing scheme.
  3. Identify the people that you want to target by the product/s that you are selling. If you are selling telecommunication devices, then you need to talk and reach the people who are in the market of such gadgets by providing them the reasons to save by using your products.
  4. If you are selling nutritional supplements then you need to target those who are constantly on a diet.
  5. Present real problems and the solutions that were provided by the products that you sell. There is nothing more convincing than personal testimonials from satisfied customers. Provide your customers with added values to the products that they will buy. You can give them additional information, useful tips, reading materials and maybe create newsletters for your customers that should be delivered regularly and on time. You can also provide timely information based on current events, if your product warrants it. These are trust-building steps that will keep your current customers and impel them to tell others.
  6. Identify all the needs that your products provide answers to and work them into your website content, and your advertising and marketing copy. Be sure that your business is set up in such a way that customers can reach your quickly and you can provide answers to inquiries readily, like within a few hours or within the day. You should build a good reputation by providing answers to queries and letting your customers know when you cannot provide a ready answer. Make sure that phone calls are returned immediately. These good business practices will make your customers to remain loyal to you and encourage others to join you as you have proven to be a trustworthy business person.
  7. Know what to say when your prospects make inquiries and use convincing and realistic words that will lend credibility to what you are saying. Cite concrete examples and highlight the testimonials of satisfied customers. You have to learn the art of selling by overcoming and circumventing objections.

Even with the advent of the Internet, old methods of recruiting and convincing people is still one of the best tried and true method of getting them to join you in your business. It is just that there are more ways to reach them now than before. Armed with these tips, go and sign people up for your MLM business. Here’s to your success.


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