How To Find Reliable Email Processing Companies

Being a part of a legitimate e-mail processing company can be a worthwhile work-at-home business. You should be aware that there are email processing companies that offer fake services and scams, though. Fake and unreliable email processing companies usually request fees for joining the site. After joining, you need to process orders or requests from other people, as well. This is easily identifiable as a scam and should be avoided.

However, there are some email processing companies that offer reliable services and have good track records. Reliable email processing companies receive certification from websites or search engines that monitor online job opportunities. This certification proves that the company is not operating a scam. Here are some ways to find and identify reliable email processing companies.

  • Compile a list. You should make a list of all available email processing companies. You can find these companies by using an email processing directory, a forum related to technical fields, or by using a search engine. You should make sure that the list has at least 10 companies. Try using multiple sources when looking for companies in order to get as many companies as possible.
  • Features. Consider the features offered by the email processing company. Make sure that the features and interface of the email processing company matches your needs. You should consider the control panel used for email management, the database for emails, the language compatibility of the email processing company as well as the platform compatibility of the email processing company for multiple operating systems. Avoid email processing companies that do not provide data backups for emails. If certain features of an email processing company do not match your needs, then remove them from your list of possible options. You should look for at least ten companies that provide the features you need as well as the rates that you feel will make the deal worthwhile.
  • Rates. You should also consider the rates being paid by the company. The amount of payment that you get per email should depend on the size or complexity of the messages being processed.
  • Payment method. You should check the email processing company's method of payment. Go for email processing companies that pay you directly on a regular basis, with the amount of the payment depending on the number of emails done in any given period.
  • Is it a scam? You should visit the website Scam Free Zone ( This website provides certifications for legitimate email processing companies. They also make a list of all scam operations. Check each company that you try to join against the list at
  • Give them a call. You should try to physically contact the company rather than just sending them an email. You should look for the company's telephone number, fax number or address to call, send a fax message, or send a letter directly to them.
  • Is it too good to be true? You should avoid deals that are too good to be true. You should avoid companies that promise to pay very high amounts for a single email, as these companies tend to be unrealistic. Do not trust the testimonials on the site too easily.

Don't be too quick to trust, especially because you cannot see these people face to face. A lot of scammers prey upon people who want to do work from home, and promise unrealistic opportunities, but end up fooling you to do unpaid work, or even worse, pay them money.


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