How To Find Resources for Consumer Protection

Consumer protection laws were created to protect the consumers from malicious activities that can happen in the market. The vendors of goods must abide by these laws so that they all have equal opportunities in their respective businesses. These law protections are there to guide the consumers and let them know if the sellers are not abiding by the rules. This may also be known as the consumer activism. There are plenty of resources wherein you can learn more about consumer protection.

Here are some of the resources where you will find consumer protection laws:

  • Books. One of the best sources for consumer protection resources are books. There are different kinds of books that focus on consumer protection and the different aspects that come with it. One of the books that you can purchase is the ‘Consumer Protection Handbook’ by American Bar Association. The book is beneficial as it covers the most basic principles that make up consumer protection laws. Another good read is ‘Deception in the Marketplace’ by David M. Boush, Marian Friestad and Peter Wright. This book discusses the things consumers must do to protect themselves in the marketplace. This consumer division book tackles the psychology and deceptive persuasion that is used by sellers in the marketplace.
  • Websites. Another way for you to learn about federal protection or consumer state laws is by browsing different websites that discuss consumer protection. One website you can visit is On this website, you will be able to see links to other websites that have information on consumer protection.
Another very useful website that you can visit is This is the Consumer Action Website, a Federal Citizen Information Center. On this website, you can find the location of your local consumer offices. There are also links to state, country and city government consumer protection offices, state banking authorities, state insurance regulators and other important subjects.

The next website you can visit is This is the website of the USA government. On this site, you can see links to consumer departments, such as the consumer action handbook, consumer information and services, consumer protection offices, consumer tips for teens and many more.

The last website is the Consumer Protection Index website at This website provides a lot of sources regarding consumer information and various consumer topics. This website is very helpful as it discusses different topics, such as sentinel complaint categories, consumer fraud data, consumer complaint surveys and a lot more. 

These are some of the best resources for consumer protection topics. You must be aware of these consumer protection tips and laws so that you can protect yourself from scams and practice your rights as a consumer. You can join consumer organizations or consumer advocacy groups to fight against corporate abuse that can happen to anyone. Consumer organizations and consumer activism aim to implement consumer rights so that each individual can be protected when buying goods and getting services from different markets, businesses and companies.


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