How To Find Resources to Help Your Managerial Skills

Business leaders are not born, they are developed. Some talents are inherent, but to develop business leaders of the future, their managerial skills have to be developed. To develop management skills, one has to develop his personal skills, interpersonal skills and group skills. An excellent manager is well aware of his own, knows how to manage his stress, is creative and always ready to solve a problem. He has to be very good with his interpersonal skills because he needs to coach, counsel, and influence, motivate not only himself but also others, and manage conflicts. It is also expected that he empower other people, delegate work, build teams and lead the charge. With all the expected work of a manager, he needs to develop, improve or strengthen his managerial skills if he expects a positive result of his work.

Below are some resources that could help improve or strengthen managerial skills.

  • Books. One way of gaining knowledge is through books. There are plenty of books in the market that deal with leadership, management and supervision, conflict resolution, stress management, self awareness, etc., that a manager could read. Lunenberg, Ornstein, Covey, Johnson, Blanchard, Kossoff, Kotter are among the authors that are well known in leadership and management. Books are very rich in resources in terms of knowledge. There are some people, however, for whom reading alone is not enough. In cases like this, reading books should be augmented with another learning modality.
  • Magazines. Business management and education magazines or even Reader’s Digest feature topics related to management. These reading materials are worth giving a bit of time if you want to pump up your knowledge on developing managerial skills. Subscribing to this reading material is worth it because it will update you with the latest issues and trends regarding management.
  • Seminars and trainings. Different people learn differently. Each individual has his own learning style. Some could learn by just reading and applying the gained knowledge in their actual work. Others however, learn if it is explained to them and followed by an actual practice or hands-on. Most seminars and trainings provide this type of learning modality. Professional organizations normally provide seminars to help their members improve themselves.
  • Graduate school. Enrolling in an educational institution for formal study is the most expensive among the sources of developing one’s managerial skill. Formal education, however, has the higher percentage in terms of return of your investment (ROI). Enrolling at the likes of Ivy League Schools would not only boost your knowledge and confidence but also strengthen your managerial capabilities.

Improving your managerial skills could not be achieved overnight. This would take time, money and effort. Taking time to read books and magazines could add to your stocked knowledge. Attending seminars and training will not only help you gain knowledge and skills but build up your network. Investing in formal studies is a sure hit to enhance your managerial skills. Taking time to talk with and observe fellow managers is another resource that does not require money. Their best practices could be worth trying and emulating.


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