How To Find Retail Display Fixtures that Sell

If you're on the retail industry, you know how important it is to have a clear, clutter-free display system. Retail display system is the single most effective way to sell your products without the need for someone to watch over it and explain. An effective retail display system requires careful thinking and extensive research. Notice how well items at checkout counters sell. These items are carefully lined up to encourage impulse buying. Items such as batteries, toothpaste, candies are some of the usual items displayed at checkout counters.

At supermarkets, there are a number of premium spots for bidding; these are the checkout counters, the end caps and the front caps. Whichever places you decide upon, make sure that you have an attractive display.

Here are a few tips on finding your retail display fixtures:

  • Decide and evaluate your location. Do an ocular inspection on your site. Take as many pictures as possible for your reference. Also check on how your competitors are displaying their items. Compare different racks and decide on which will be suitable to your items.
  • Know your target market. By having a clear idea of your target market, you will be able to communicate more effectively. If you’re targeting younger market, you need to clearly state that in your retail display. Use of vibrant colors and catchy phrases will do the trick. If you want to target mothers, then use of words such as “protect your family” will definitely entice them. Make sure that your display fixture will have enough room for your signage.
  • Infuse your brand identity. An established brand is an advertisement itself. By having a brand with instant recall, few details are needed for your display. If you have strong confidence with your brand recall, use it. Clearly state your brand in your retail display. If you have a unique slogan that’s proven to work, state it in your display.
  • Decide on which items to display. You may have a hundred different items but they may not fit the intended area. Either you trim down your inventory or request for a bigger area. Check if you need a storage area on your display stand.
  • Find reliable suppliers. You can check out ready-made fixtures if they are suitable for your need. If not, have something custom made for you. You can hire a professional retail designer or you can do this yourself. Print out your initial idea in mind. These photos can be taken from actual displays or downloaded. Show these images to your supplier.
  • Talk to your supplier about your goals such as attracting impulsive buyers or having a clutter-free display.

Ensure that you will inform your supplier on deadlines. If you are renting from a supermarket, you will most likely be charged for any delays. If you’re items are small and have risks of being shoplifted, make sure you have safety measures installed in your display fixtures. Some sellers use locks on each hook, while some use elaborate rubber bands. Whatever you decide on, remember to have one clear message on your fixture: “BUY ME!”


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