How To Find Retail Sales Training Manuals

All types of business involves selling. It is important especially for those in retail sales to excellently train the staff in sales. Retail sales training can be done in many forms, but the most commonly used form is a retail sales training manual.

Sales training manuals are usually used in sales and marketing training and insurance sales training. These training manuals contain the subject matter in a training program, an outline of the topics to be taken up during the training, specific sales training techniques, and sales closing techniques. The manuals can also be used as reference material after the training, or simply as a general reference document.

Sales training manuals come in the form of workbooks that are used during training sessions and provide information, exercises and examples. There are handouts that provide general information that supports the training sessions. For trainees who choose to work on their own, there are self-paced guides. Some training manuals contain detailed processes and procedures to be used as reference manuals. For some, the manuals serve as job aids that contain step-by-step instructions used in the workplace.

When looking for a retail sales training manual:

  1. First assess the prospective trainees' abilities and sales skills.
  2. Determine your desired selling approach, whether hard or soft. 
  3. Decide on a specific training technique to implement based on your staff assessment. 

Your retail sales training manual should respond to the needed skills of your trainees, your desired selling approach, and your selected training technique and methodology. Look for a sales training manual that meets the following criteria:

  • Can easily be understood.
  • Provides all the essential steps in the sales process from prospecting, closing the sale, up to the follow-through.
  • Presents various selling techniques and tools with detailed descriptions, comparisons, and examples that are easy to implement and follow.
  • Includes the different tools needed to close sales in consistently high volume.
  • Ensures that the expectations of the customers' can be met or exceeded.
  • Creates a customer satisfaction level that ensures repeat business, customer loyalty, and quality referrals.
  • Includes concepts on professionalism, ethics, handling customer situations, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Covers important technical aspects of marketing and business management.

You can find Retail Sales Training Manuals:

  1. Online, downloaded as a Sales Training Manual Template in MS Word format at
  2. As a Video available on for Retail Sales Training.
  3. On DVD copies that contain the complete training program, manuals and reference guides.
  4. On an Online Store under Customer Sales Service Training.
  5. At linked to Sales manager's manual for training retail routes.
  6. For free when you attend Retail Sales Training workshops and seminars.
  7. At your local bookstore.

For insurance sales training, sales training techniques, sales closing techniques, and sales and marketing training, your search for the most effective retail sales manual can be difficult and tedious, but once you find the right sales training manual, it will be well worth it.


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