How To Find Sales Letter Templates

Effective communication is very important for generating successful sales. The means you choose may be verbal or written or in any other form, depending upon the method which makes the immediate and best impact on potential customers. While verbal communication, such as a sales pitch made in a meeting, has its advantages, written communication works better in the long term, simply because of the durability factor. In this article, we’ll be looking at different forms of written sales communications and where you can find templates which will help you in preparing effective sales letters.

Types of sales letters

Now, there can be as many sales letters as there are campaigns, but these are the types of letters which will make a lasting impression.

  1. The letter of introduction
  2. Follow-up or additional product information
  3. Letter closing a sale with agreed-upon terms and conditions

Finding sales letter templates

There’s only one place to go, to find information on any topic under the sun: the internet. This applies to finding sales letter templates too. Here are some easy resources where you can look for templates and samples of all kinds of letters.  Some of these sites have only a few templates, but some of them have dozens:

  1. Microsoft Office Online
  2. Sales Letter Guru
  3. 12-step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
  4. Small business information at
  5. Introductory Sales Letters
  6. Sample Business Letters

We’ve listed just a few resources in this article, but there are thousands more available, if you have the time and patience to keep searching. A word to the wise: not all of the templates available online are free.  Many of sales letter templates, and other similar documents, come with a price tag. If you generate a lot of these letters, however, the price may be very reasonable for your needs.

Depending on your requirements, choose the templates which seem helpful to you. You can also browse through hundreds of websites which provide lots of tips and guidelines on writing sales letters. Who knows, with this advice alone, you could end up creating your own unique sales letter template!


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