How To Find Sample Survey Questions

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A good survey gets the information you need to make an informed choice. This article will help you in how to find sample survey questions that will bring in the right information.  All you need to do is follow these few simple steps.

1.     Make an online search of sample survey questions according to type or classification of questions. The question form of your survey is critical in finding the information you need about your market or the participants or respondents in your survey.  You can limit your survey to desired survey responses by using the right type of question, which are: 

  • Dichotomous questions, questions that provide several choices, ranking, staple scale questions, semantic differential scale questions, constant sum open-ended questions, demographic questions, psycho-graphic or life style questions.  A dichotomous question is usually one which is answerable by yes or no. This type is used to screen survey participants, to ensure that only a particular group or groups is included in the survey.
  • Multiple-choice questions are composed of at least three categories asking for one or several answers.  This one allows you to consider another category you may not have previously considered.
  • Ranking questions rank brands or products according to a particular characteristic or attribute. Rating questions rate products according to a defined continuum, the intensity of attitudes towards them.
  • Semantic differential scaling asks participants to rate the subject on seven points, without a neutral or middle selection to let the participant choose, to an extent, one adjective over the other opposite adjective.
  • A staple scale asks a person to rate a product, brand or service according to a certain descriptive characteristics of such items on a +5 to -5 scale.
  • A constant sum question allows you to collect "ratio" data (i.e. data expressing the relative importance or value of the choices available).This type is used when you are sure the reasons to the purchase, or you want limit your survey reasons you deem important.
  • An open-ended question looks at qualitative, in-depth attributes of a given issue or topic your participant the chance to respond in detail, but they should be used to a minimum as result analysis could be time-consuming.
  • Demographic questions, a must-have in any questionnaire, identify characteristics such as gender, age, or income, for instance, of your survey participants or market. Psycho-graphic or life style questions  give you the psychological profile, activities, and interests of your respondents. 
  • Check out question samples from QuestionPro or the survey templates you can edit in the Constant Contact Online Survey.

2.    Make your own survey questions or let professionals help you if you can’t. You can use online survey software for the job, like the one in QuestionPro, which lets you create survey questions, distribute your survey through your email or website viewing and analyze your results in your desired form. Constant Contact Online Survey has over 60 templates with prepared questions already written your can add to, reduce, edit or rearrange as needed. They also have a Custom Services team to create a survey template for you.
You see, how to find sample survey questions has never been made easier or more convenient. Good luck in finding or making them yourself!


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