How To Find Small Business Information

If you're planning to start small business ventures, be encouraged by the fact that you don't have to start everything from scratch: you would do well to take advantage of the abundant resources and online tools that you could use to help you plan for everything you'd need for your small business - from start-up, to its finish. So if you're looking to know where you could find small business information, here are some of the great places to start:

  1. Trade associations. Make it a point to join trade associations in your area. This will give you loads of benefits, some of which are the following: you will gain a foothold in the industry, you'd be able to build up a valuable network of contacts, plus you'd be able to benefit from the business analysis and advice of those who have undergone the same start up business experiences that you are currently experiencing.
  2. Look for free business plan samples in the web. Not only is writing your business plan a requirement for starting up your own business, having your business plan will also enable you to articulate your goals, strategies, timelines, and company systems. Having these details in solid black and white will ensure a smoother implementation of your plans. You could find templates for various business plan free of charge at websites such as at, and This last site is really helpful because it offers a very user-friendly way of searching for business plan templates according to category: for example, for restaurants, beauty salons, and coffee shops or for retail stores.
  3. Stay updated with current news. It's very important that you know of the relevant news and other strategic information that will help guide you in making decisions for your business. Some helpful sources of business news include, which also offer practical tips for different businesses; Yahoo Finance and, which also has a special category for small business news.
  4. Take advantage of the treasure trove of small business information available on the Internet. When planning for your small business, some of the information you'd need will include how to plan for your business; how to start your business; how to manage your business and implement your plans; and how to gracefully get out of it if necessary. One of the best sources to get all these information is at the official website of the US Small Business Administration, which has pages that will help you plan efficiently for virtually every aspect of your business you'd need to prepare for.

You could also try out's website, which offer tons of ideas for businesses, and which offer advice from experts in the business and marketing field. Its available tools and services include a handy vendor locator, free franchise consultation, and free downloadable legal business forms for every US state.

Be encouraged by the fact that there is really a whole lot of information available for you to help you in your small business planning and decision-making. The important thing here is to have the sense to judge which advice and analysis are sound, and which would best work for you. Good luck!


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