How To Find Stylish Printable Stationery

With the advent of email and other communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and texting, handwritten letters appear to be becoming a thing of the past.  There is, however, a resurgence in the number of people who like to sit down and write a letter with a good old-fashioned ink pen and a piece of paper. Sometimes a simple piece of paper won't do.

Would you tear off a piece of a brown paper bag to write down your innermost thoughts and dreams, and then post it in the mail? Well, perhaps in a state of emergency...but to better express yourself, there is nothing like a beautiful piece of stationery to get the creative juices flowing.

Personal stationery can be printed from your computer if you have a word processing program. If you look for it, you can find the 'stationery' button and click it to look at the various templates. Some of these selections are fine if you are looking for a quick note to pop in the mail, or if your children want to write a letter to someone - which is a good habit for them to get into.  You can also find an array of stationery at places such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Staples. Most of the big box stores have some rather nice selections of stationery and matching envelopes available at very reasonable prices.

Don't forget the internet for sources! Among the best places online to find personal stationery are:,, and

If you are not satisfied with the templates you have on your PC, you could visit some of these websites to download secondary templates:,, and

With the boom that is the scrapbooking business, paper supplies are very easy to find these days. If you are looking for something a little different, you might try,, or

Got a birthday or a 'welcome home' banner that you would like to produce? You can find downloads at,,,, or

Envelopes are another step and can be as unique as you want to make them. Some of the printable envelope sites are:,, and

One popular website that shows not only how to make your own envelopes but has templates for stationery and scrapbook paper is

Places like Aaron Brothers and Kinko's have a variety of papers and envelopes on hand or to order. Check your YellowPages, too, for unique stationery stores in your area.


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