How To Find Subscription Services

In the world where instant updates are rewarded, subscription services are a booming industry. You might be at the crux of your needs right now, finding the right subscription service that fits your lifestyle. Everyone has his own set of passions, and the subscription style that you choose depends on what kinds of information or service that you are more prone to ascribe more importance.

The first few things you should have are the minimum requirements for subscription: a decent mode of payment (VISA, Paypal or Mastercard are famous choices), a good credit history (FICO scores matter, especially with high profile subscriptions) and a clean subscription record (meaning, you have no previously delinquent subscription records in the same industry). Also, you need to count the cost accordingly so that you will not end up oversubscribing but failing to make the minimum payments.

There are many types of subscription services that you can choose from. You might actually find yourself biting off more than you can chew in this matter if you are not too careful. Nonetheless, here are some of the nice subscription services that may or may not tickle your fancy.

  1. Educational Subscription Services. American Libraries Buyers Guide gives you a short list of some of the most reliable academic subscription services that you can join, each with their respective annual fees for you to consider. Education is a booming industry online, and subscribing to a good online library such as Proquest is a good idea. This ensures that you get the latest in the research area of your choice, since this is relatively better than waiting for books to get published in the offline world.
  2. Magazine Subscription Services. You may find online libraries too daunting and just want manageable tidbits in the form of offline magazines. Yahoo’s comprehensive directory listing of magazine subscription services () can give you an idea of the different types of subscription services that you can choose from in the rich world of magazines.
  3. Miscellaneous Subscription Services. Health news, horoscopes and other miscellaneous information that you may need fall under the category of miscellaneous subscription services. You can usually find them in your favorite website (often shown as the Subscribe button somewhere in the side of the web page) and will allow you to have daily updates through email. A general subscription website such as Subscription Online may help you find the exact miscellaneous subscription service that you are looking for.
  4. Cable and Broadband Subscription Services. The likes of Time Warner Cable comprise this very lucrative industry of Internet and digital media content providers. If you are apprehensive in checking them out online, you can go visit their offline or brick and mortar stores to be able to read the fine print better.
  5. Podcast Subscription. NPR’s podcast directory allows you mix and match the different audio content that you will want to have delivered straight to your iPod. Another good website to check out is Podcasting Tools.


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