How To Find the Best Quotes from Transport Companies

Transport or transportation means moving people and/or goods from one place to another. Vehicles like cars, bicycles, motorbikes, trucks, buses and other vehicles travel on road networks and highways to transport goods and people wherever they are needed or where they are wanted. People may want to use a private vehicle to travel to another locale. They may also choose public transport, which has scheduled services and fixed routes, to travel to another place.

In the old days, people traveled to different places by walking. When man learned to domesticate animals, he was able to pass on to the animals the heavy loads that he used to carry. The first roads for road transport were made for horses and oxen, although there were trails made before for those people who transported heavy loads on their shoulders. The first paved roads were the ones built to allow the Roman army to travel quickly.

The US Army introduced containerization in the 1950s. Using specialized containers to ship army stuff, the US Army shipped their offices and households in a "transporter," a container that was 8.5 feet long, 6.25 feet wide and 6.83 feet high, made of steel and could carry 9,000 pounds. Today, 90% of items transported via cargo service are in containers. Shipping containers and ‘isotainers' are loaded into container ships, railroad cars, planes and trucks.

In every state, there are hundreds of transport companies and logistics companies offering their services to the public. Most transport companies specialize in transporting specific items. For example, some transport companies specialize in auto transport and car shipping services. You can search for them in transport directories in your area. Since transport companies are organized according to what they can transport, it should be easy to find the one you will need. Call and inquire about their standard rates and schedules. Don't forget to ask about insurance fees and initial deposits.

You can also check online for transport companies. These are usually listed by state so you won't have a difficult time looking for them. Once you have a list of transport companies in your area, check out their rates and schedules. If they do not have that information posted, you may send an email inquiry asking for their rates, schedule, and insurance guarantees. Most transport companies do not return initial deposit fees, so it would be good to include this question in the letter.

With the results from your inquiries, get back to those you called or emailed and ask for a better price. You can cite better arrangements based on your previous inquiries, negotiate better terms, and get the best quote. Give a description of the item you want to transport. There are international laws and protocols regarding transport of goods that you may not know of. Declaring your item for transport clearly will save you future trouble.

Upon signing a deal with the transport company you have chosen, be sure to have your stuff insured (especially if you are transporting a car) for the duration of the time that it will be on the road.


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