How To Find The Right Brochure Printer for You

Once you've designed a brochure, the next step is to find a printer -- and not just any printer, of course, but one who will do your brochure justice. These days, you'll be hard pressed to find just a brochure printer -- printers can't afford to only print brochures. But you can find a printer who specializes in printing brochures.

Step 1

Refer to samples. If you've collected or kept any brochures mailed to you or that you picked up at a trade show or store, ask the company who had the brochure printed what printer they used. You've already got a sample of the printer's work! Now you just have to figure out if the rates are within your budget.

Step 2

Check out the Internet. The easiest way to find a brochure printer is to look for one on the Internet, but with 290,000 hits from Googling "brochure printer" how do you choose? It's best to narrow your search by "4-color brochure printer" or your location, like "Houston brochure printer" if you want to find a local printer. Once you've found some that look promising, look over their Web sites carefully.

Step 3

Look for certain things on their Web site. When perusing the Web sites of printers, check for the following items: do they have an instant quote page? Some online printers have an instant quote dialog box so you can see just how much you'll be spending upfront. Also, what is their typical turnaround time? Can the printer get your brochures to you in your timeframe? Are their prices reasonable? Do they offer four-color printing (if you need a four-color brochure, of course). What kind of paper do they print on? What kinds of ink?

Step 4

Go green. Do you want to work with a "green" printer? Although the printing industry is known for not being the most environmentally friendly, many printers are now using recycled papers and vegetable-based inks that aren't as damaging to the environment. You'll pay slightly more for your brochures with a green printer, but it could be worth it if the environment is important to your customers.

Step 5

Sign up online or call the customer service department to order a "sample pack" of the printer's work. Any reputable printer should have a sample pack in which they can send you a sample of a printed business card, brochure, flyer and other materials that will give you a good idea of the printer's quality.

The printer with the best quality and the lowest price is probably your winner! But be sure you're comfortable with the customer service rep (if you talk with him) and read all of the terms and conditions before you place your order. If you let a typo go through, most printers won't re-print your brochures for free, so be sure to review all policies so you know what you're dealing with.

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