How To Find Trade Show Exhibit Booth Ideas

Trade show booth
When you participate in a trade show exhibition where you will be competing with hundred of other exhibitors, it is imperative that your booth stands out from the rest. Trade show exhibit booth designers and suppliers enjoy brisk business almost the whole year as trade shows are being held almost on a weekly or monthly basis. 

As an exhibitor, finding the right trade show booth design can be a daunting task although some do not want to rely on ready-made booths but would rather build the exhibition booth by themselves to lower their promotions costs and be able to use the booth for other trades how exhibits. If you are one of the latter, what you actually need are design ideas for your booth or ideas on how to minimize your spending for participating in a trade show can be very costly. The tips below aim to help you to find trade show exhibit booth ideas.

  • Look for used trade show booths. There are companies which supply trade show booths with a large inventory of used booths that they want to sell to make room for their latest designs. You can save a lot when you get a used one and just refurbish it. Just make sure that the booth is still in very good condition and you will only spend a little to spruce it up and make it look like new.
  • Look for trade booth rental companies. There are also several rental companies with very creative and functional booth designs. Some of these companies will also be willing to provide you the with a logo display banner. Of course you can provide your own. Know that you will be renting a basic shell. Check if you can also rent the table and chairs for the duration of the exhibit so that you will have a coordinated look for your booth.
  • Look for booth ideas on the web. There are various sites that you can visit which will give you information on how to maximize your company’s exposure during the exhibition and how to arrange your booth display, what colors will be effective attention-getters and what promotional gimmicks are proven crowd-drawers and pleasers.
  • Attend trade show exhibits as a guest. Look at the styles and gimmicks that exhibitors employ so that consumers will visit their booths, listen and view their product demonstrations and the promotional items they give out to visitors. Look around and take a look at those booths that are frequented by visitors and check what draws people to that particular booth. Analyze why some trade show booths receive few visitors while others always have a crowd. Check how visitors treat the informational and promotional materials that are being handed out to them during trade show exhibits. There are people who only go to trade shows because of the free gift items and free product samples. Others like to collect brochures, which they promptly leave at the next booth they visit while others have genuine interest and will keep all the handouts.
  • Check how exhibitors display their products, how they arrange their booth and what company promotional items they display. Do they use employees to man the booth or did they hire the services of a professional talent agency, which provided the company with promo ladies?

Trade show booth ideas abound. What you need to do is make a list of best practices and proven promotional gimmicks and see which ones you can apply to your own. It would be nice if you can come up with you own based on the things that you have seen and learned by visiting other trade shows. And always look at ways to save on costs and maximize exposure without sacrificing quality and creativity.


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