How To Find Unique Paper Supplies for the Home Office

Although there is a need to save on office supplies such as paper supplies, uniqueness must still not be forgotten, as it will give distinctness to the office be it a home office or a company office. It's true that there are lots and loads of paper supplies stores not only in your nearest local market but on the World Wide Web as well, but how to find unique paper supplies for the home office is another thing. Now, to help in your search, the following pieces of information can be included in your list of considerations.

Unique Printer Paper

Basically, the best printer paper that can be used for printing of documents, presentations and reports is bond printer paper. It is sold in reams of about 500 sheets. This is the most common type of paper supplies for home and office use.

Some sheets are advertised with 80-100 gsm. This refers to the thickness and heaviness of the paper, which are to be considered for a crisper finish and less text bleeding. In choosing unique bond paper supplies, see to it that it will match the paper ribbon or toner of your printer. Most printers go with 80-100 gsm. Printing on 110-125 gsm may be hard, may get a bit noisy, and lead to paper sticking, so it will just be a waste of time, effort and money.

For certificates and cards supplies along with other special documents, heavier bond paper is a good choice. In cases that there is a need to print photos, a micro porous or high gloss instant dry photo paper is recommended, since it has paper coatings that prevent bleeding of colors to make it more rich and bright. It may be a bit expensive as compared to other types, but the results are also much better.

Unique Recycled Office Paper Supplies

Recycled paper - may it be for envelope supplies, paper stamp, paper ribbon or card supplies - is a good choice, since it is more environment friendly as compared with other paper types, especially if it has a high percentage of Post Consumer Waste or PCW. This means that it makes use of fewer trees, eats up less energy and water, and gives off fewer greenhouse gases.

These days, there are various recycled paper supplies not only for office but for home and school use as well. These are file folders, notebooks, envelopes, shopping bags, wrapping papers and packing boxes.

Previously, recycled paper was not used in the office since it can jam copiers and printers, but these days there are good unique papers around. All you need to do is to scan both the net and your local stores for such types of recycled paper. Among the great recycled paper products that come with unique style and quality are the following:

  • Earthwise Paper Products. They offer eco-friendly paper products like file folders, index cards and other supplies.
  • Dolphin Blue. They have various office supplies, not just paper but other needed stuff as well such as organizers, pocket folders, envelopes, card supplies, color laser copy paper, stationery and a lot more.
  • Mohawk Fine Papers. Specializing in text, cover and digital papers, this supplier ensures that they follow environmental standards and practices.

So there you have the tips and pointers on how to find unique paper supplies for the home office and school use. Just make sure that you'll not contribute to the paper junk and clutter that we have these days.


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