How To Find Used Machining Centers

A machining center is any computer numerical controlled or CNC milling or drilling machine with a table that clamps the work piece in place and an automatic tool changer. The tool rotates while the work piece is steady on a machining center. A brand new machining center is expensive and not all companies can afford this. There is a big market for used machining machines that are in good working condition. Both buyers and sellers of used machining centers can be found easily on the Internet.

To find buyers of used machining centers:

  1. Go to your web browser’s search engine.
  2. Type ‘buy used machining center.’
  3. Explore the sites based on what you require. You may refine your search further by adding your state, the type of metal you use or the machine manufacturer’s name.

Otherwise, why not check out the following companies that buy used machining centers below:

  1. Action Since 1965, Action Machinery has been selling and buying various types of machinery including CNC milling machines. They also sell machining parts.
  2. Industrial Part of Industrial Machinery’s service is asset management or liquidation. They can facilitate the selling of your machinery and other assets through auction or private buy-sell transactions.
  3. JS Peters Machinery Sales Inc.. If you are selling used vertical CNC machining centers, horizontal CNC machining centers, CNC lathes or grinding equipment, JS Peters buys any of these types of machines.
  4. Perfection Machinery Sales, Inc.. Perfection Machinery is a global company that has been dealing with buying and selling of used machinery for 45 years. Based in Illinois, they specialize in used machining equipment like metalworking machinery, fabricating machinery, used presses, and used CNC machinery.
  5. Hildebrand Machinery. This company located in Pennsylvania buys, sells, liquidates, trades, appraises and auctions metal working/machining services tools.
  6. GoIndustry DoveBid. GoIndustry has offices in more than 10 countries all over the globe. This company provides asset management services that help customers identify and manage idle or surplus assets. They handle auction sales, exchanges and private treaties of different types of machines including CNC milling machines and machining lathes.
  7. Machinery Dealers National Association. This is a nonprofit trade association that promotes the used machinery industry. Since 1941, this international association has been buying and selling used equipment, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the machinery dealers. Their free buy and sell service allows companies who have used machines for sale to submit their contact information together with the machine tool’s description.

If you are planning to sell you machining centers and other related machining tools, you can find a buyer on the web. Make sure to evaluate the company you are dealing with. When selling your equipment, don’t sell to the first buyer. Ask for appraisals from different companies so you can get a good price for your used machine. Trade-ins are also offered by some buyer-reseller companies. Find out how this works and see if you can get a better deal this way. Buyers of machining equipment sell different machinery as well. Check out their stocks. Who knows, you may find a great sale for your company’s machinery requirements.


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