How To Find Drop Shippers, Wholesalers, and Liquidators

A crucial step in building a successful wholesale business is the process of finding, evaluating, qualifying and selecting businesses to supply your sales inventory. While the advantage of internet retailing is that the company need never take physical possession of products, it is critical that merchandise be sourced correctly. Wholesalers are easy to find, especially through SaleHoo, a resource that I highly recommend. Also, manufacturers are easily accessible via simple Web search; vast marketplaces of liquidators may also provide specialty products at steep discounts. The simplicity of finding reliable drop shippers offers a relatively easy income stream to the entrepreneur willing to do the footwork. Remember, a home business is the product of focused, smart work.

Find a Dropshipper
When searching for a drop ship company, it is important to bear in mind several factors. Time spent investigating a number of wholesale suppliers and drop ship manufacturers will be well repaid. However, the quality of the dropshipping supplier you select is of ultimate importance. Here are the keys to choosing the right wholesaler for your business needs. Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Do the drop shopping companies offer competitive pricing?
  • What is the lead time for order fulfillment on wholesale products?
  • Does the drop ship company's terms of delivery, including return policy, suit the needs of your market?

Additionally, it is important to evaluate a dropshipping wholesale supplier's customer satisfaction history and industry reputation.

One of the most comprehensive directories of drop ship companies is thomasnet. ThomasNet lists manufacturers and drop shippers for a wide range of industries; a second place to find wholesale merchandise is alibaba. While many companies listed on alibaba may be located overseas, the remarkably lower cost of manufacture and logistics enables those wholesalers to sell products less expensively than domestic suppliers. Further research into specific niche products in a finely targeted market may prove necessary. Another place to find a wholesale business is gowholesale. Business services often list their companies on gowholesale; remember to evaluate the quality of a supplier in terms of cost, order fullfillment time, customer satisfaction and return policy. A wholesale company or manufacturer is a retail business's partner and must be selected carefully.

Find a Liquidator
Liquidators are a final niche for obtaining quality products at steep discounts from retail prices. Key to the process of finding the right liquidation business is to specify the type of merchandise sought. While bankruptcy courts and insurance companies sometimes carry excess goods, the most expeditious way to find excess merchandise sold beneath cost is to search online. The best Web sites for liquidation suppliers include business, liquidation and liquidxs. Close-out merchandise is often seasonal in supply, therefore when sourcing products, an online retailer must move quickly. The reward for staying on the pulse of a market is well worth the investment of the successful entrepreneur's business day.


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