How To Get a 900 Number

There are a lot of ways to use a 900 number.  People use them to market dating services, psychic hotlines, sports and many other information sources.  These numbers are usually acquired from an outside source then used by a marketer to promote their business.  Customers then call in on the 900 number and the marketer generates revenue based on the number of minutes used.  Typical rates can vary for $1.99 a minute on up.  These 900 numbers are called premium-rate numbers because of the associated cost.

If you want to start marketing an information line or dating service by phone, you need to learn how to get a 900 number. There are several key steps involved.

First, you need to decide the purpose of your 900 number.  Do you want to use it to start a dating business, lottery information line or for psychic information?  You may use it share stock tips.  But whatever premium business you choose, make it something that interests you.  Sometimes you can actually run multiple information hotlines at the same time.  There are some companies that set you up in the 900 business for a fee.  Be wary of these as they will take half your profits.  You are better off finding a 900 service on your own.

Go on the internet and do a search for 900 numbers.  Some good sources are, and Advanced Telecom Services.

Find out what they charge and also determine how much you will charge per call.  You want to allow for as large of a markup as possible. The difference between their cost and your price per call will determine your potential profit.

Record all of your messages for the 900 service.  Provide them with those tapes as well as all the necessary information.  By law, your customers are entitled to hear how much the service will cost them before they are charged.  You will then pay the start-up fees and get your paperwork processed.

You will need to negotiate with the service agency to get the best package deal possible--one that meets your business needs.  It is best to go through a sales agent because they can probably offer you a better deal.

After you acquire your 900 number(s), you will then start advertising your information line(s) in classified ads, on the internet and in tabloids, depending on what information you are offering.


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