How To Get a Business License in Indiana

If you are planning to open a business in Indiana, known as the Hoosier state, there are a lot of things to get done before you can officially operate—from searching for the perfect location, hiring and training your employees, purchasing of equipment needed to run the business, to securing the necessary licenses and permits. There are some business license services that you can employ which will take care of all the necessary things that your business will need. But if you want to take care of this aspect of the business yourself, this article will give you information on where and how to get a business license.

  • If you have determined the type of business that you want to open, search government websites and identify your type of business and the location in the search box. The website will display which types of licenses and permits you will need to secure for your business. They also have application forms that you can download and fill up. Or you can personally go to the Indiana State Information Center to inquire about your business’ license. You will be given a list of all the permits that you will need and how long they will take to obtain.
  • There will be federal, state and local licenses that you will need to obtain. These licenses are not only restricted to the business. You will also need professional or occupational license from the state where you will do your business.
  • For building permits, you can go to the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development, in the Compliance Division. The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency provides licenses for non-health professionals. The Indianapolis Controller’s Office provides licenses for a limited number of businesses, like adult entertainment, nude models, public pay phone and others. If you will be operating a food business, you will need a separate license where you will get from the Department of Food Safety.
  • Securing business permits can take long, sometimes a few weeks at a time, depending on the type of license you are obtaining. It is advisable to be on time in getting them to avoid delays in opening your business. Follow up regularly the agencies involved in getting your permits. Once all the licenses and permits have been obtained, you can now start operating your business, hopefully on schedule.

Most states require all businesses to display their permits and licenses in a place where the customers and state officials can easily see them. Place your business permits on a wall where people can spot them. Securing the necessary business permits is very important for any business. You cannot start operating if you have not completed obtaining the permits and licenses. To avoid delays in opening your business, start acquiring them a few months before your scheduled date of opening. The state will not allow you to start your business without these licenses. You may be fined if you start your business without them. Also, be mindful of the dates that you will have to renew the permits so you will not have any trouble with the state. Keep a calendar containing the renewal dates of those that need to be renewed regularly.


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