How To Get a Directory Business Listing

Advertising one’s business has always reaped considerable benefits. When people ae aware of the business you have, the more likely they will check you out. In fact, a directory business listing online or through the white pages directory is a time saving and cost effective move in the sense that your marketing budget will definitely be lower than usual. All you have to do is sit back, wait by the phone or check your emails for the enquiries and orders to appear.
To maximize the profits from getting a directory business listing you have to know how to get to these listings efficiently:

  1. Online. There are actually many ways of advertising your business online. It has major advantages over the local listings because it caters to people who may not be within your locality.  It may also be free or made available to you by simply subscribing to their emails. Free business listing web directories link to a resources area where people might see your product ad. Some high traffic directory services are also available for a certain fee like Yahoo and Google. You have to follow the instructions for adding your business to the free directories. Some even have “super pages” that assist you step by step to gather the necessary information to make the most of their listing. You also need to choose the open directory link in the resources area and suggest that the listing you made be added so that the search engines can see them. The more listing you create on different websites, the better the advertising coverage for your business.
  2. Local trade and business pages. This is a business to business directory because the potential customers here are fellow entrepreneurs that might need your business to get their business going. Look for a trade business listing that covers the kind of business that you run. Look at various trade journals that are read by more people and advertise there. Place your ad closest to your listing so that people can see it and you can do business quickly.
  3. National telephone listings. Initially you have to sign up with a national coverage telephone company in your region. The next edition of the yellow pages will most certainly include your business. However, you need to add an Internet listing to your business details as online searches are more prevalent and when customers are not in a hurry to avail of a product or service. Enlist your business in the region as well as the local directory.  If you must, target specialized directories for minority groups and other markets that might have an interest in your business like universities, women’s groups or religious affiliations.

No matter what directory business listing you intend to list your business on, make sure that your contact information is up to date, printed clearly and can catch a potential client’s eye. You must make sure that you have a recognizable logo and a catchy slogan to make word of mouth advertisement also work to your advantage.


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