How To Get Clients for Your Cleaning Business

Busy people usually don’t have time to clean their house. That’s why they hire someone to clean it for them. Some offices also hire cleaning agents to clean their office instead of getting a regular janitor. If you have a cleaning business, it’s very important that you have the proper equipments and that you do your job well. The materials that you will need for cleaning will cost about $2,000. If you’re just starting your cleaning business, the number one challenge you will be facing is how you can get customers.

Here are the steps you need to do to get clients for your cleaning business:

  • The first thing you need to think of is the name of your business. Choose a name that is easy to remember and has something to do with your business. This way, people will be able to easily recognize your business.
  • Tell your friends and families about your business so that they can tell other people they know about it. You can start cleaning with a short list of people. You need to make sure that you give the best possible service that you can give to your clients. Even if they are still few, if they are satisfied they will surely recommend you to others they know. This is the best advertisement that you can get because it’s based from the experience of your previous clients. Through this, you will have more clients.
  • Another way of getting clients for your cleaning business is by offering discounts or coupons. People are into freebies and discount, if you offer discount and coupons more clients will get your service. Also, make sure to do a research on your competitors or other cleaning business so that you will have an idea how much you will charge for your cleaning business. Check how much the charges for their services are and make sure to make your charges cheaper than theirs. Cheaper price will attract clients to get your cleaning service.
  • Create flyers for your cleaning business. Don’t forget to include information about your discount and your contact information so that they know how to reach you if they decide to get your service. Distribute or post your flyers in public places so that people will be able to know about your cleaning business.
  • You can also make a website for your cleaning business. You can hire someone to do the website or you can create your own website. There are several sites offering free websites that you can use for your cleaning business. This is a great way to get clients because you will be able to reach to a lot of people online.
  • Another way to advertise your cleaning business online is through social networking. You can create accounts on social networking sites to advertise your cleaning business. Add the people you know and then add their friends for a larger network.
  • Visit sites and blogs about cleaning and cleaning business and post comments advertising your cleaning business or post a link which leads to your website.

With your low cost but great cleaning service, you will have more clients and your cleaning business will become popular in no time.


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