How To Get Criminal Background Report

Looks can be deceiving. You will not be able to tell the personality of a person you just met as well as what kind of person he is by just looking at him. You will not also be able to know his history in an instant. There are many crimes happening in today’s world. And sometimes, people whom you don’t expect to be doing these kinds of things are the ones behind these. You need to ensure your safety by taking precautionary measures. If you‘re hiring an employee, a new boarder moved to your apartment, you’re dating someone or you are suspicious of a specific person, you can get a criminal background report to see if that person has been convicted of any crimes.

Here is the information you need on how to get a criminal background report:

  • You can search the Internet for websites that allows you to get a free criminal background report. To do this, you can go to a search engine like Yahoo or Google and in the search box type the name of the state followed by the words: criminal records. For example, if the state that you like to search is Nevada, type in Nevada criminal records. Once you have the search result, look for sites with the extension .GOV or .US. Sites ending in .gov and .us are official state websites that offer free criminal background reports. Click on the site to check for the records of a specific person.
  • You can also search good sites that offer criminal background reports for a cost. There are a lot of sites offering this type of service. Check on the feedback given by those who tried the service to have an idea which sites are good. Compare the prices as well so you can pick the site that can give the best service at a low price. There are websites that offer initial searches. This will allow you to type information needed to search the person and see if he has a record on the site’s database. Make sure to use this initial search option of the site. In this way, if the person does not have a record on the site’s database, you will not be wasting money in paying for something that you don’t get. Once you get the criminal background report, this should have the information of the person you’re trying to check such as criminal report, alias, residential address and a lot more.
  • You can also contact your local newspapers for information regarding the person. Newspapers usually have a news archive that contains information on the past news including criminals and crimes committed.
  • You can also go to your local police station to check if they have a record of the specific person you’re trying to check. If you found that charges have been made on that person, make sure to verify if he was convicted or not.

Based from the information you gathered from the criminal background report, you can now decide what to do. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you feel that there might be something wrong with someone or you just want to make sure that he’s a good person, then don’t hesitate to get a criminal background report for your own peace of mind.


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