How To Get Deals on Glassine Envelopes

Glassine envelopes are made of translucent paper. This type of envelope is commonly used for stamp storage. This is because it is air and moisture resistant and this will keep the stamps fresh. These translucent envelopes are lightweight and they come in different sizes, just like other specialty envelopes like vinyl envelopes or vellum envelopes. If you are a stamp collector, it is important that you have a stock of these glassine bags so that you can transport your stamps or store them in the envelope.

Here are some websites that offer glassine envelopes for cheap prices:

  • - Clear Bags is a website where you will find different types of clear bags that you can purchase for cheap prices. On this page, you will see the glassine envelopes that they have. You can view the photos of the products that they sell. You can shop on the website by the color of the envelope, the length or the width that you are looking for. You can visit the website to see all the glassine bags that they carry.
  • - Bliss Weddings Market is an online store where you can find wedding supplies. One of the things that they sell is glassine envelopes. The pack of 50 pieces sells for $7.99. You can choose from square glassine envelopes, large glassine envelopes or long glassine envelopes. You can visit the website to see the details on how you can buy the glassine envelopes.
  • – Paper Presentation is a website where you can get envelopes, labels, ribbons and special paper. Aside from having glassine envelopes, they also have cellophane bags, string tie envelopes, booklet envelopes, Velcro portfolio and many more. On this page, you can choose from ten sizes of glassine envelopes that they have. The price range of these envelopes is from $3 to about $15.
  • – This is another website where you can purchase glassine envelopes from. They have five sizes of glassine envelopes on the website. Three of them are square and two of them are rectangular in size. You can purchase the smaller envelopes for $6 for fifty pieces and the large one for $8 for fifty pieces. Other items you will find on the site include labels, envelope liners and many more.
  • - The Professional’s Source is another website you can check out when you want to buy glassine envelopes. The glassine envelopes on this website are made for storing pictures. You can choose from different sizes. If you need plenty of glassine envelopes, this may be the right website for you to visit as they sell the envelopes by hundreds and thousands.

These are some of the websites that you can visit so that you can get the best deals on glassine envelopes. Make sure that you view all the websites so that you can compare the prices and the sizes of the glassine envelopes that are available.

Aside from using glassine envelopes for storing stamps, you can also use them to make invitations, decorations for your scrap book or to store other paper materials that you do not want to be damaged.


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