How To Get Free Leads

Whatever it is that you are selling, it is imperative that your target market is identified. Thereafter, you can be more specific in the search terms that you will use to generate leads.

There are many ways to obtain free leads. One basic way is to look online for industry associations and to search for the industry association’s member list or business directory. You can make more specific the search parameters by adding a city or a state or both to the search terms. This will usually give you a list of the associations, and by clicking on one, you will usually land on the page of the members’ association list. If not, simply look for the members’ association list in the site. Once you obtain the names, you can arrange or sort your list in a variety of manners so that you can use the list more conveniently. The association members are identified usually by the business name, address and telephone number, and website/s if any.

One more way to get free leads is by visiting the local public library. The public information record service that is also online can be a rich source of leads. Lists of new homeowners, mortgages, new businesses, foreclosures, bankruptcies, companies, are available from this office. Public libraries usually have access to these data.

Free sales leads may also be obtained from Chambers of Commerce. It is not necessary to join any chamber of commerce to get leads, but joining one also helps one establish many contacts in the various industries and businesses in a locality. Using the Internet, one may type in a search engine the search terms such as chamber of commerce, with a place, city or a state, and then look for the membership directory once one is directed to the chamber of commerce’s page.

Trade Associations are also an important venue for lead generations. Again, search using more specific terms so that specific data are also generated in this case. Trade exhibits are also a good venue to establish leads, and personally meet some of them. Your current customers are also a good source of leads. They can give you referrals who might just be interested in what you are selling. As they were not included in the list in the first place, then referrals must be solicited from one’s existing customer base as well.

One interesting way to generate sales leads would be to write something about yourself and what you do or sell, and publish this on the Internet or on print media. This is less expensive than advertising, and it is a known fact that even the simplest of publications have been able to generate not only sales leads, but sales as well. In addition to this, leads must always be monitored. Constant follow-ups should be made to them so that they will also not lose sight of the idea that they are precious customers and that their opinion on one’s products and services are valuable.



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