How To Get Free Personal Cash Grants from Philanthropists

Never lose trust in the generosity of the human spirit.  Yes, philanthropists still exist.  They help those who are in need because they see it as an obligation, not only to themselves but also to the society as a whole.  But like anyone else, they want to make sure that their contributions go into the right hands and that it may benefit a greater number people in the long run.  Grants are accorded to help you cover for your food and other living expenses, your medical bills, your legal and tax requirements, or your debt repayments, to mention a few.  You may get up to $250,000 support if your aim is to open up a business.  Or, you may receive between $50,000 and $200,000 if you are seeking an educational assistance.   Here are some specific measures you can take if you are serious about getting free personal cash grants from philanthropists:

Determine your most pressing need.  Do you intent to open your own business venture?  Do you want to earn your master’s degree in a specialized field?  Do you need to undergo a medical operation to save yourself from a debilitating condition?  List down your entire specific needs and target on focus on the one that can’t be realized in any other way except by getting grant from a philanthropist.

Seek help from a suitable benefactor.  Of course, it is illogical to pursue a grant application for a business proposal if an individual or a foundation is known to support causes on education.  Although exceptions may always happen, it always more practical to do a proper background check.  The easiest way to source valuable information about philanthropists is through the Internet.  Don’t limit your choice to just one.  Approach as many as you can because you never really know who may favorably respond to your request.  You may be interested to know about the Federal Pell Grants.  It is under the auspices of the US Government.  It is generally education-based but it has also supported other multifarious needs from all walks of life.  If you have satisfied their criteria, they commit to afford you a personal cash grant.  And here’s the good news.  You don’t need to repay it.  It is not a personal cash grant, not a loan.

Present your situation well.  Applying for personal cash grants is definitely competitive.  You are fielding your application against those who have grander plans or graver needs.  Make your grant application stand out.  Be sure that it is concise and honest.  Structure it properly.  Expound on your big idea or on your pressing need and signify how you plan to use the grant you wish to receive.  Document your claim.  Submit paperwork and other support information relevant to your grant application.

Never lose hope.  If one philanthropist or foundation says no, don’t toy the idea that you are going to be rejected elsewhere.  If you get a rejection, assess what happened.  Learn from your shortcomings and do better in your succeeding applications.


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