How To Get Government Help Paying for Daycare

Are you a single mother who lacks financial income to pay for your child's daycare? Do you find it very frustrating and stressful to make ends meet just to make sure your child stays in a daycare everyday? If yes, then your back is really against the wall. But do not worry because the good news is that, the government offers assistance programs and grants to help low income single mothers in paying for daycare. Learn the ways to get government help paying for daycare.

Apply for government assistance programs. Remember that asking government help to pay for daycare differ from state to state. But you can find and review the "Title XX" subsidy program. You can apply in the program online or in person. It really depends on the procedures set in your state. Either way, you need to understand and follow all the procedures and requirements to apply "Title XX."

Patiently wait until you know you are qualified. The state will evaluate your application to verify your qualification in the subsidy program. They will evaluate you based on your status as a mother, total monthly income, address and number of children.

If you are qualified, the government will immediately take charge in paying the majority of the daycare expenses, and you will only pay a relatively small amount yourself. You will just spend a minimum of 10 dollars a week in paying for daycare. Be sure to enroll your child in a center that accepts the "Title XX" subsidy program and that the center provides all the day care facts and information to the government so that your subsidy will continuously be active.

Contact your state education authority. This is especially for student mothers who are still active in their studies and are committed to graduate. Know if you are eligible enough to ask for government grants in paying for your child's daycare. Confirm your eligibility to your local education office or you may check at 

Maximize your tax credits. Carefully itemize every tax return you've created and claim every child care expenses you made to ask for tax credits. Know the variety of tax credits that you as a student mother or a low-income single mother can maximize. Reach the IRS either thru phone or their website to learn how to qualify for these credits.      

Know if your state offers Pre-K schooling. Pre-K or Pre-Kindergarten schooling is a government assisted daycare intended for 3-4 year old kindergarten kids. Learn the specific assistance of the government for the Pre-K program depending on what state you are in.

Learn the different kinds of government grants distributed to your local religious and non-profit organizations or communities. Contact these agencies and communities to ask if they offer daycare scholarship. 

Remember that there are several assistance programs and grants that the government offers to help pay for daycare, but these vary from one state to another. Take advantage to know and learn all of these programs and you'll soon find help in paying for your child's daycare.


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