How To Get Local Business Directory Listings

Some of forms of Local Business Directory Listings are:

  • The traditional telephone business directory listings.
  • The telephone marketers.
  • Specialized local business directory listings.
  • The internet.

The traditional telephone business directory listings

Traditional local business directory listings are still very effective. One must remember that while many new generations are hooked on the internet and digital forms of access to a business, the world also has many older generations that still to traditional local business directory listings to get what they want. These directories contain forms within which provide for getting a local business directory listing on submission of these forms to the companies that compile these directories.

The telephone marketers

Whenever you provide your mobile or landline phone to third parties who are not your relatives or friends, these third parties store your mobile or landline phone numbers. The third parties maintain these phone numbers in their database. This database is provided to telephone marketers or telemarketers as they are also known as. The telemarketers then call you and ask if you wish to be listed in their directory. While this can be an irritant, this can also work to your advantage. If you have a business and wish to be listed in their local business directory listing, you should say yes. You can then negotiate for a free directory listing.

Specialized local business directory listings

Many businesses are very specialized, such as franchisors and franchisees, accountants, lawyers, doctors and medical practitioners, plumbers’ associations, painters’ associations and the list goes on. Depending upon your profession, it is definitely advisable to find out your local association of professionals and if they have a business directory (whereby you should start one of your own and have your fellow professionals join in), you should register yourself in this directory.

The Internet

The Internet is all pervasive. Statistics show that nearly 70% of Americans use Internet connection. The Internet also provides access to lots of companies that offer free local business directory listings. These can be used to your advantage. Submitting your information to local search engines, online yellow pages and local social networks go a long way in your visibility on local business directory listings. Having options for users of the forms of Local Business Directory Listings to leave comments, reviewing your business (good and bad both!) or a direct email interaction can help you in leveraging your visibility.

Finally, it does not matter which form of local business directory listing you use, so long as you list yourself with at least one if not all of the local business directory listings. Remember that the more visible you are, the better your chances of attracting your business to your clientele and developing not only your business, but increasing your profits. Above all, ensure that the information you have provided is correct or your potential customer will not be able to contact you!


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