How To Get Product Exposure Through Movie Product Placement

Embedded marketing or product placement is a kind of advertisement where branded products and services are placed in news programs, television shows, novels, and movies. If you want moviegoers to retain in their memory the name of your product, then you should definitely consider movie product placement.

With this product placement, you’ll get to see your branded product in a movie. It can be used in the set, be a part of an actor’s line, or be a part of the movie. How your product will be placed will depend upon the available options and the likes of the people associated with the movie.

There are three ways on how to get product exposure through movie product placement.

  1. Wait for a product placement offer. Some people are lucky enough such that they don’t need to go through the hassles of convincing movie people for product placement. People in the movies are the ones who come to them and ask if they want their product to be in the movie. This can be the easiest thing to do but also the most impossible. It rarely happens especially with big-budget movies and not-so-popular products.
  2. Hire an agency. There are agencies specializing in movie product placement. This can be a little costly, though. But these agencies get hundreds of films every year and are experienced working with various clients. The clients simply have to give them the product and the agency will take care of the rest. The money you’ll spend paying the agency will be worth it. They can negotiate better exposure for your product or get your product in the most ideal movie.
  3. Do it yourself. This can be the most tedious of all your options. But this can be the cheapest and the surest way possible. You only need to know the tricks of finding movies currently on the making and have connections with its behind-the-camera staffs.
Subscribing to magazines dedicated for talent scouts and actors will be very helpful when looking for connections. These magazines will keep you updated on the coming up movies and will give you ideas on where to place your products for promotion.

You can also use the Internet Movie Database when looking for the upcoming movies. The database usually has the list of everyone involved to the movie and his contact numbers. Through these, you can contact those people who can help you with the product placement.

Another thing you can do is send everyone involved with the movie a letter and a sample of your product. State in your letter your intention for product placement and explain how they can use your product and how your product fits in their movie.

It can be very difficult to get product exposure through movie product placement especially if your brand is not that well-known yet. But with a little know-how, you can get through it successfully and who knows, your product sales might dramatically increase just because of that movie product placement.


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