How To Get Sponsors for Your Event

If you’re in charge of planning an event, one of your main concerns will be where to get the funding to make all your event plans happen. That’s where corporate sponsorship comes in. The good news is, many companies are only too glad to sponsor an event, especially if it is well publicized, because of the great advertising opportunities available there. It’s your job to milk this demand for all it’s worth. Read on to find out how to get sponsors for your event: 

Make a shortlist of your target companies. First of all, brainstorm as to which companies would most likely want to sponsor your event. This decision would be based mostly on the people who will attend your event and the venue of your event.

Say you are holding an event that will be attended by college freshmen. Your target companies should be youth-oriented, such as sporting goods store or companies that sells teen apparel. This is because the companies will know that they will have their market right at the event you are holding, and their advertisements will be very effective at reaching out to their own target market.

Think of advertising opportunities available at your event. Once you have a shortlist of target companies, brainstorm on how they will be able to promote their businesses during your event. Your venue and your program will determine what you come up with. Some examples of promotion opportunities include company streamers and banners displayed at your event, company logos included in your event’s main streamer, and the name of the company plugged in between activities in the program.

Create sponsorship packages. Once you’ve listed down the possible advertising opportunities available at your event, your next step is to create sponsorship packages. Sponsorship packages detail the different “benefits” that companies will be entitled to, once they give specific monetary amounts to your event.

Typically, sponsorship packages are labeled as bronze, gold and platinum, with platinum as the highest value. You should set the amount that a company should give in order to be entitled to a particular sponsorship package.

In simplest terms, you should offer more advertising opportunities the higher the monetary amount the company gives. If a company takes your silver sponsorship package, for example, the might be entitled to one banner at your event, plus their company logo included in your event’s main banner. On the other hand, if they take your platinum package, they would get to display 3 banners throughout your event, plus “in partnership” status (that is, you hold your event in partnership with them), plus the chance for them to set up a booth at your event.

Make your sponsorship letter very easy to read. Make your sponsorship letter brief and to the point. You should include the details of the packages you are offering, but present the information in bullet form so the company representative will be able to understand it at a glance.

There you have it! These are just some of the great tips to remember if you’re looking to get sponsors for your event. Remember, you should have a mindset that you’re not the only one to benefit from this deal; the company should realize how much of an opportunity it is for them to get to sponsor your event! Good luck, and hope this helped you out.


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