How To Get Supplies for a Mobile Bartender Business

When there’s a party, there should be drinks. It’s already a part of the celebration. No wonder why mobile bartender businesses are always hits. People like to party and like drinks at the party. You can help your clients be more satisfied of your services if you have more supplies. How can the bartenders mix and decorate drinks well without the right supplies, anyway?

Don’t worry. There are a number of ways on how to get supplies for a mobile bartender business. Here are the supplies you’ll always need for a mobile bartender business and where to get them:

  • Liquors. You can’t have a bartender business without liquors. So, it’s best that you keep a good supply of different kinds of liquors. Have a supply of the mass-market brands as well as the high-end brands. You can talk with some local liquor stores for a wholesale price. Choose the store that will offer you the best deal. After some successful transactions, it’s more likely that this store will be your constant supplier.
  • Glasses and cups. Like liquors, you need different styles and kinds of glasses and cups. Make sure you have hurricane glasses, brandy snifters, martini glasses, single malts, highballs, party cups, and other kinds. The more variations of glasses and cups you have, the better. Restaurant supply stores or similar stores will have all these things. Buying on wholesale price is possible if you buy in lots. You can always negotiate for a better price in case you’ll be buying many glasses and cups.
  • Garnishing. Before your client can taste the mixed liquor, they’ll have to see it first. That is why beautifying how the liquor looks is very important to enhance the appetite. You’ll need things for garnishing for that. Maraschino cherries, celery sticks, pearl onions, olives, umbrellas, straws, and stirrers are only some of the things used to beautify a drink. Again, you should buy these things in lots to get discounts. Unlike glasses and cups, these things for garnishing are consumable. Better deal with one supplier only to benefit from long-term business relationship.
  • Smallwares. This group includes the pour spouts, keg taps, bottle openers, ice scoops, stirrers, knives, shakers, and cocktail. You can get all these from restaurant supply stores or home needs section at your local malls. All stores offer wholesale price for bulk orders so don’t be afraid to negotiate for a better price.

Remember, when getting supplies for a mobile bartender, always prioritize quality over the price. Do this especially for the things you’ll use over and over again. Consumables should be of high quality, too. Failing the client’s expectation is something you’ll never want to do in any business. Always make it to a point that you exceed the client’s expectation from you. That’s a good business strategy.

Besides having quality supplies, you should also train your bartenders and other employees on how to handle clients well, whether sober or not. You may have the best supplies, but without the best customer service, your business will be a failure.


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