How To Get To Know Your Customer

The backbone of free societies stems mainly from the trading and activities that sales generate. As compared to dictatorial types of government where power cascades from the power on top held by a few individuals, democratic societies depend on individual citizens freely interacting to build a country’s economy. This is where customer relations become the key to progress.

While there are so many kinds of programs for salesmen developing their skills in selling, marketing and interacting with customers, there is still need for the emerging sales person to learn the skills and techniques of truly knowing your customer.

In a specific scenario involving sales people and customers a random study was made in which the customers were looking for a vehicle to purchase. The firm wanted to know first hand how the situation was, and hired what they termed “mystery shoppers”. They first briefed the carefully chosen individuals to act as mystery shoppers who were assigned to visit dealership in a specific locale and after which to make a report to the hiring party on how they were treated as customers. What these shoppers experienced included the following:

The salesperson who attended to them mentioned the possibility of a variety of financing arrangements to be considered by the buyer. The salesmen also tried to make the procedure simple and professional. However, these shoppers detected the following:  The same salespeople were not inclined to ask information seeking questions like why the thought of buying this specific brand and not that of the others? They also failed to ask what the customer's ballpark figure or budget figure was for their investment. Another seemingly unimportant factor was how the vehicle will be used and who will use it. Therefore, examining types of questions that the sales persons asked one was led to believe that the salesmen’s primary interest was simply to make the car quicker and easier to sell.

Finally, it is a good professional attitude for the sales people not to be content only with efficiency and ease of the sales process, but beyond that. Sales persons must bear in mind that it is very important to find out what the customers want and how they will use their cars.

With the Internet information so easy to get, many shoppers may come full of facts and figures that they would want to verify with the sales persons and other details to make sure that what they are buying is really the one they need. Of course, any person will always be tempted to just make the sale as quickly as possible so that he can move on to the next customer.

Unknown to many however, is the proven fact that the long term effect of sales rests on an overall rating of degree of satisfaction a specific customer feels knowing that he is getting the right vehicle for his particular use, their amount of investment and more importantly their kind of lifestyle. Selling as a professional salesperson, who is among the top salesman in the country holds that knowing and thinking of the customer’s special needs is in the end more important than just selling a vehicle.


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