How To Get Your Google Ads Free

Google Ads is one of the most popular pay per click sites on the internet today. The way it works is you bid on the a particular keyword, then when your ad is shown to someone and they click on it, they immediately are redirected  to your site you at that point you are then charged for the amount that you bid for that traffic. For many businesses this has proven to be an effective way to build their overall profits. Contrary to popular opinion there is now a way that you can be able to use this effective marketing tool free. This is not illegal and by just following a few simple tips you to will be receiving your Google Ads free.

The key to receiving pay per click traffic for free is to use self liquidating leads. What happens is once the visitor clicks on the ad and visits your site you want to be able to have them enter their email address into your opt in list (which is the email list of those who are interested in what you have to offer) this means that you can send them regular emails of specials and promotions. In this case the way that you can really increase your traffic from Google Ads is to make them an offer that is too good to refuse. When they do buy, your profit margin will still be high enough to make the sale, cover any potential costs and be able to give you a little extra profit as well. Some ways that you can do this include:

Make the offer to good to refuse: To be able to drive traffic to your site for free using Google Ads means that you want make the offer so good that people simply can't say no. Everyone is always looking for a good deal either on or offline, when you take one of your more popular products and substantially discount it the overall profit that you make will increase as since more people are buying from you an the amount of emails that you have on your opt in list will grow substantially.

Bundle your products together to offer a discount: When you bundle your products together and offer discount on the bundled items many people are more enticed to buy from you thinking that they are purchasing many products at a significant discount instead one.

Clearly there are many different ways that you can make money while receiving your Google Ads for free. By using self liquidating leads to bring people to your site will increase sales and the overall amount of people who sign up for your opt in email list, helping your business to grow.


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