How To Get Your Piercing License

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A piercing license is necessary for you to legally run a piercing shop. Without which, your credibility will be questioned despite the trainings that you received and your practical experience. When your piercing shop is unlicensed, no one will willingly submit himself to you for a body pierce. And this will wound your income potential. True, getting a license is a complicated task, but this should not be used as an excuse not to apply for one.
In case this is your first time to get a license, here are some tips that can get you through the procedure.

  • Meet the requirements. Know the license requirements for a piercing shop in your state. You can do this by visiting the website of your state's licensing agency or directly going to the office. List down the requirements and allot a few days of your week to accomplish these requirements.
  • Know the regulations instituted by your state. Piercing has health risks, which is why there are enacted regulations that will safeguard the health of your clients and your profitability as a business. Know these regulations and make sure to study each of them. In general cases, the state health department and the licensing agency distribute a copy of the regulations to the license applicants.
  • Know more about the regulations or licensing procedure. If any of the regulations or steps of the licensing procedure looks ambiguous to you, take time to talk to a representative of the state health department or licensing agency. This is important so that you know what exactly you are going through. If a representative is, for some reason, unavailable, you can opt to talk to a fellow piercing artist who has successfully secured a license. Talking to a fellow artist has an advantage because he can walk you through the actual process of licensing and can give you firsthand account.
  • Accomplish the form. Get a copy of the licensing form from the state licensing agency. In some states, though, the form is available online. You only need to download and print it. In any case, make sure to completely fill out the form. Supply your name, name of the shop, address, contact details, and other important information. Go through the form at least twice to see if the details you put are complete and correct, then send the form along with the other required documents to the state licensing agency. Don't forget to pay the licensing fee.
  • Find out how to renew. The piercing license is usually good for one year. But before it even expires, you need to renew you license. Just the same, send a completed application form together with the other required documents to the state licensing agency. Pay the fee and you will receive you renewed license after a few days. If you fail to renew your license within a given timeframe, which is usually one year after the expiration of the license, you will have to apply for a new license.

It takes some patience to get through the whole process. But when you finish it, trust that your legitimacy as a piercing shop is all worth it.


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