How To Handle an Employee after a Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is necessary from time to time to help both employees and employers. Hence, both parties need to understand why this evaluation must occur and how it can change them for the better. However, most of the time, a performance appraisal does not end up to be doing its purpose successfully. The reason behind this is that the bosses tend not to know how to handle their employees after being assessed of their performance.

Indeed, the evaluation of the performance alone already helps a lot. However, in order for the evaluations to produce quality results, employees must follow them closely. So to encourage best results, as a supervisor or manager, you must make a way for them to work according to the appraisal. To help you with this task, here are some tips you can follow in handling your employee after his performance appraisal:

Give your employee some time to review the evaluation. After the performance appraisal meeting has ended, it will be best to give him his needed time so that he can analyze the evaluation. This does not include only how the evaluation itself has transpired but also his work and his satisfaction on the evaluations given to him. However, when giving this to your employee, make sure you explain to him what he needs to review so that he will be guided as to what he must do.

Set-up a meeting. After a day or so, you can call your employee for a follow-up meeting. You can seek the help of a business consultant during this meeting so that all concerns can be addressed appropriately.

Document all the agreements involved. It is important that you give your employee a documentation of your agreements so that he knows what he must do. You can set a deadline for specific changes in his performance and talk to him from time to time to help him achieve the goals.

Communicate with him. Even if your employee's evaluation turns out to be poor, you must communicate with him more often. The mere fact that he needs to improve a lot in his performance means that he needs your supervision the most. Hence, do not go in the favor of your excellent employees. Give your employee a chance to improve by giving him advice and tips every now and then.

Send him to various trainings. Especially if there are a lot of employees having the same problems, you must host a training program to teach them what to do. You can even create a new program with the sole purpose of helping these employees improve in their weaknesses.

If you make sure that you handle your employees the right way after every performance appraisal, you can be certain that they will turn out to be better employees. Surely, on your employee’s next appraisal, you will find out that he has improved a lot. With this, you have contributed in the development of your employee. Plus, you are also helping your company to reach its goals with the help of these productive employees.


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