How To Handle Stalkers

If a stalker is bothering you, know that this is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Stalkers, especially those who are plagued by an emotional or psychological disorder, may have the tendency to commit serious crimes against the people they stalk. If you’re looking for ways to handle your stalker, here are some great tips to help you out:

Tell your friends and family about your stalker. This should be your first step. Inform at the very least one trusted friend about your suspicions, and show her a picture of your stalker, and as much information as you know about him. This way, just in case something untoward happens, your friend can inform the authorities about your stalker.

Some stalkers may also attempt to obtain more information about you by posing as your friend to your family members. That’s why it’s doubly important that everybody you’re close to know about your stalker; they should also put in writing every attempt the stalker makes to communicate with them, in case you’d need to create a report later.

Always have your cell phone with you. You should always have your cell phone with you, and make sure that it is always adequately charged. As an added precaution, have the number of your local police department on your speed dial.

Don’t change your landline number, but have another one installed. The common tendency among those who are being stalked is to immediately disconnect their old phone number and have a new number installed. The disadvantage to this, however, is that truly desperate stalkers might have the means to find out your new number. Because of this, it’s a smart move to keep your old number and install an answering machine to pick up your stalker’s messages, and put the phone in a seldom-used room. You could also turn down the volume of your telephone so you won’t have to hear the messages. Your stalker’s messages are also especially useful for you to compile as evidence if needed.

Bring along useful tools and gadgets. You should be prepared in case the worst happens – your stalker attacks you. Two of the things you should have in hand to protect yourself are a whistle (hung around your neck), which will help you call attention from passers-by, and a can of pepper spray so you can effectively deter your attacker.

Never make contact with your stalker. Ever. Not even to give a few choice words about what you think of him. Remember, to a stalker’s mind any type of interaction he receives from you is a positive thing, and will only encourage him to continue stalking you. The best response is to totally ignore him.

As much as possible travel with a buddy. Walking around town by yourself, especially at night, is virtually a green light for your stalker to start harassing you. Ask a trusted colleague to walk with you to your car in the parking lot; ask a friend to go grocery shopping with you; go to places with lots of people and avoid isolated spots.

Inform your friends or family members about your daily schedule. If possible, your friends/ family should know where you are expected to be at a particular hour. You might also want to have somebody call you up on your cell every hour, just to check up on where you are and whether you had any encounters with your stalker.

There you have it! These are the best ways that you can handle stalkers. Remember, the key here is to be prepared for the worst, so you can best prevent it from happening. Good luck, and hope this helped you out.


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