How To Grow and Harvest Marijuana: Buds, Leaves and Cultivation

Use These Tips When Caring for and Drying Marijuana

With medicinal uses of marijuana on the rise, many people want to learn about the process of marijuana cultivation. Before someone starts to harvest marijuana, there are a couple of things to know.; the harvesting and drying process has to be done a certain way. It can be an easy process, as long as certain steps are followed. Just cutting the plants down is not considered harvesting. This article describes various tips on this subject so that the THC level is at the desired preference; we'll also help you alleviate mold in the marijuana buds. Here's how to harvest marijuana:

A week or two before harvest time, stop adding fertilizer to the plants. Only give them water. The fertilizer that you used when growing weed needs to be flushed out of the plants and the soil. These fertilizers are flushed out so that it is not in the marijuana when it is smoked. No one wants chemicals in their smoke.

Right before you harvest marijuana, stop watering the plants. If it rains, there is not anything that can be done about that.  By stopping the watering process, the plants will dry faster. This can help prevent mold from forming in the buds.

It is easy to tell when it is time to harvest marijuana. Purchase a pair of magnifying glasses at any local store that sells them. With these glasses, you will be able to get a closer look at the buds and the hairs on them. Make sure the magnifying glasses magnify images at least 30x. These are not expensive to buy and are a great tool to have. Look at the marijuana buds to see if the hairs are turning reddish brown. If they are, then it is time to harvest.

You will need a few supplies: some string and a dark place to hang the plants. If there is light in the room, the THC level can lower in the buds. The hanging room should be between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, with low humidity. You will want a tool to cut the stalks when you cut the whole marijuana plant. You will need sharp scissors, used for cutting stems with buds off plant, and you may want to use an air conditioner.

Growing marijuanaWhen you are ready to cut the plants down, cut all the big marijuana leaves off first. Sometimes these leaves are called sucker or shade leaves. With those leaves gone, the plants will dry faster. Cut all the stems off carefully, so as not to lose any buds. Carefully take them to the hanging room. Have plenty of space to hang the stems. Tie the strings to each stem of buds, and hang each one in the dark, dry, cool room. Do not let the hangings touch each other. Hang the stems upside down. Some people choose to hang the whole plant upside down when drying marijuana, but it will take longer to dry if the whole plant is hung.

The amount of time it takes for buds to dry can vary. If the buds are small, it may only take a week. If the buds are big and full, it can take 2-3 weeks. It is not recommended to keep opening the door to the room. You want to keep the room as dark as possible. An air conditioner (AC) can be set to 73 or 74 and it will still be cool enough to keep the humidity lower. The plants may dry too fast if the room is too cool. The longer the plants hang, the higher the THC will be. Use your own judgment about the air conditioner. Avoiding mold in the buds as they are drying is just as important as maintaining the desired THC level, but if you live in an area with naturally low humidity, then it may not be necessary to use an AC.

After the plants are dry, take them down and cut the buds off of each stem. Some people cut off the bigger leaves when they are cutting the buds from each stem. This will be your choice. Some people save the bigger leaves for other purposes, and some people like to add these leaves to the buds. Make sure that you have plenty of space to lay out the buds after they have been cut from the stems. If there is still some moisture in the buds, you can spread them out onto newspapers until they dry more. Never store buds that are still moist.

Canning jars are perfect for long-term storage.  The lids seal well. Baggies or freezer bags do not seal as well as some people think. Put the buds into the jars and fill them as full as possible. There should be very little air in the jars. Keep an eye on the jars of buds to make sure that moisture is not building up inside of them. Moisture can lead to mold. Store the jars in a cool, dry, dark place. A fridge does have moisture in it. You will want to check the jars and make sure that moisture is not forming inside of them. The longer the marijuana is stored, the higher the THC level will be. About a month after the harvest and storage of the marijuana, it can be moved to a freezer for storage.

The process of harvesting marijuana is quite simple, but it does require patience. Each person likes his or her THC at a different level, and no one wants mold in the buds. With these steps, you'll be able to correctly harvest and store marijuana.


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