How To Help Legalize Marijuana

Helping legalize marijuana is risky but interesting. Authorities may think that whoever tries to help in its legalization may be a user or pusher of the prohibited drug. But if it is prohibited, why are these plants allowed to grow in some regions? Who are the people growing them? Is the plant not helpful in some medical cases? If its use is legalized, that means there are good effects in its usage. Let us describe the plant and its effects.

Marijuana is a hemp plant, which grows in the backyard or any kind of soil. The leaves are shredded and dried, mixed with its flowers, seeds, and stems and users roll them like cigarettes. The mixture of gray, brown, or green mixture of dried and shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers contain THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannobinol, and 400 other chemicals which makes the heart of a user beat faster and weakens the body’s capability to combat germs.

In helping legalize its use, we should be able to indicate some or all of its good effects to the body. Some of them are:

  • For the treatment of multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. This medicinal use had been documented since its demand in pharmacology earlier than 1930.
  • Marijuana can be easily cultivated; when used, its full effect is felt in small amount of usage unlike tobacco.
  • It should be legally used by applicants who have life-threatening illnesses with a diagnosis of less than 12 months to live, those who are diagnosed with specific signs of certain serious medical conditions, where standard treatments have been unsuccessful to relieve the illness.

To legalize the use of marijuana is to make it available to patients when prescribed by doctors. Apart from the above medical reasons, other effects could be left to the user’s discretion. The plant can be easily grown and requires minimal processing before it can be used in its full effect. People may be allowed to decide for themselves regarding the cultivation and use of the plant. If they claim that the plant cures their illnesses then maybe it is their own volition to keep them.

Some people say that if marijuana as a drug will be legalized, proponents of other drugs similar to marijuana will also request for legalization. Then the rest will follow it. Before we knew it, the world is full of drug dependent citizens who cannot manage without them. When it is legal to grow marijuana people can easily use it whenever they want. However, the government should have a team of educators to remind people about the effects of the plant. This education campaign must be done before its legalization. According to research, this drug can cause increased heart rates and the user has difficulty to focus. Therefore driving is dangerous for one who has taken the drug. This must be a reminder to the citizens.

There are bad results when marijuana is used. Although there are also a few medicinal values, the bad is still more than the good results. If people could be allowed to use this drug freely, there may be widespread addiction in the beginning. But after some time when people realize that they are penalizing themselves, giving them illness instead of happiness, and remembering the educational campaign from the government, craving for this drug use will diminish.

People are intelligent. If they recognize the good and the bad they will not allow themselves to be inflicted with the bad.


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